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Shopping for the Best Mirrorless Camera

Why Choose a Mirrorless Camera?

Enjoy DSLR camera-like features in a smaller, lighter body that also lets you use a variety of interchangeable lenses. Formerly known as a "compact system camera," a mirrorless camera is a hybrid between a full-function DSLR camera and a convenient point-and-shoot camera. Since mirrorless cameras don't include a mirror box, they are typically smaller and lighter than DSLR cameras. You will also find a broader array of features and functions than point-and-shoot cameras, such as faster autofocus and shooting speed.

With a mirrorless camera, you'll get the premium image quality and interchangeable lens system of a DSLR, plus the compact camera body of a point-and-shoot camera, all in one convenient package. Consider this type of compact camera that's easy to bring anywhere if you plan to take fast-action photos of kids, pets or sports since you'll get premium-quality images.


Camera Accessories

You can learn more about a variety of camera options in our camera buying guide. No matter what camera you decide is right for you, at Best Buy you'll find camera packages that include a memory card or camera bag so you'll have all your camera essentials ready as soon as your camera arrives.

Camera Lens Options

Zoom in on wildlife when you can't get close, take beautiful portraits, and capture wide-angle scenery and more with the right mirrorless camera lenses. With a telephoto lens, you can get close to wildlife, concert stages or sports events. 

Prime lenses, or fixed focal lenses, are ideal for portraits since they offer greater depth of field, with crisp subjects and softened backgrounds, at an affordable price. Wide-angle lenses are perfect for capturing dramatic scenery like beaches, skylines or landscapes, since these lenses capture more of each scene. Add a tripod to reduce potential hand-shaking blur for crisp, detailed photos.