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Build Your DJ System at Best Buy

DJ Essentials

If you've ever wanted to DJ at weddings, birthday parties, dances, and other events but weren't sure where to get all the right DJ equipment, you've come to the right place. At Best Buy, you can find the music equipment you need to set up a complete DJ system. We'll help you choose the right turntable, mixer, headphones, lights, and other accessories that will get any party started in no time.

DJ Mixers

A DJ mixer takes the sound from a turntable and sends it to your speaker system. Nowadays, many computers, tablets, and smartphones have mixer apps available. But for many DJs, there is no replacing the knobs and sliders that offer precise control over the system's volume, equalization and effects. Here are some tips to help you choose a mixer.

First, look for the number of channels available. The larger the number of channels, the more speakers, amplifiers and microphones you can connect to it. Also, make sure your mixer has a fader for precise control of the input and output of each channel. A mixer's cue system can be helpful to a DJ who wants to preview an upcoming track without interrupting the music that's currently playing. Finally, choose a mixer that offers all the special effects you'll want to add to your beats.

DJ Turntables

Start with the right turntable when building a system. Our DJ turntables feature the technology that beginners and pros alike are looking for. Find technology like USB connectivity for connecting your turntable to a computer and mixer. Also make sure your device has a master tempo control, a reverse option that lets you get into scratching, and adjustable torque.

Many DJs need their system to be easily portable. Be sure to check out the product dimensions, including weight, before choosing.

DJ Accessories

As a final touch, add DJ accessories to complete your system. A pair of studio headphones will not only deliver the sound you're looking for, but also block out unwanted noise as you prep the next track. Make sure you have the cables you need to connect your turntable to your computer, mixer and speakers. Get ready to put on a show with a set of DJ lights. Sync your lights to the beat of your tunes so they pulse with every bump and thump. And, always have a couple of microphones on hand so you're ready for a spontaneous karaoke party. Whether you're just getting started, or you're a pro looking to upgrade, find all the DJ gear you need at Best Buy to make your next party legendary.