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Sports Headphones

Sports Headphone Features

Best Buy offers a variety of in-ear and on-ear designs to ensure your headphones stay put while you're active. You're sure to find a fit that suits you with earbuds that feature ear clips to hold the drives in place, or that incorporate a band the encircles the back of your head or neck. You'll find water-resistant or waterproof headphones to protect against sweat and the elements.

Many sport headphones also feature cord-mounted/in-line microphones and controls so you can take phone calls, adjust volume, or change your playlist. Wireless headphones eliminate cord clutter altogether by connecting to your iPod or MP3 player via Bluetooth, which is a great feature to look for in running headphones. You'll also find sport headphones with motivational audio cues and reflective cords to help you remain visible while exercising at night.

Headphone Accessories

Boost playtime on your wireless headphones with a headphone case designed to charge them on the go. Now you'll never be without your music. Consider a convenient case, like an iPhone armband, to hold your device while working out. You'll find armbands made of light, breathable material and adjustable straps, as well an integrated screen protectors to guard your display against damage.

More Headphone Options

If you're looking for earbuds for running, you might want to consider some with a bone conducting feature. These allow you to hear traffic over the sound of your music since they bypass your eardrum to deliver sound straight to your inner ear via vibrations in the bones of your head. Some are designed for underwater use too, so you can listen to music while swimming.

You'll find sport earbuds with noise-canceling and sound-isolating qualities that allow you to fully immerse yourself in your music. In addition, biometric headphones can monitor your heart rate, allowing fitness enthusiasts like you to keep tabs on your efforts without requiring another device.