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Buy Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Check Out the iPhone 6 Plus

Discover everything the iPhone 6 Plus has to offer, whether you want better privacy settings, a larger display, or access to the iOS apps you love.

iPhone Specs for the 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus is 158mm long, 78mm wide and 7.1mm high with a 5.5" display. Since the iPhone 6 Plus is actually somewhere between the size of a regular smartphone and a tablet, it weighs a bit more and has a sharper display. You can use the Touch ID sensors to set your fingerprint as your phone's password, make purchases with Apple Pay, and enjoy all the apps that iOS 9 has to offer. If you use iCloud, or don't save too many items to your phone, you can go with the 16GB option, otherwise the 64GB will give you the room you need to store documents, videos, photos and more.

iPhone 6 Plus Accessories

Available in gray and silver, you can choose the model that best represents your style. Then you can accessorize with iPhone 6 Plus cases in a wide variety of colors and designs. At Best Buy, you can find a screen protector, iPhone charger, headphones, photography accessories and much more to take your iPhone 6 Plus to the next level.

Choose Your Carrier

Once you've picked the iPhone that's right for you, you can select a cell phone service provider that meets your needs. Most carriers give you the option to make monthly payments on your phone, so that it's more affordable for you to get the latest technology right away. Some carriers, like Sprint and AT&T, let you opt for unlimited data, so you're never paying extra for streaming entertainment or working online. Whether you choose Verizon Wireless or another carrier, you'll be able to find a plan with the services you want, from data to texting, minutes and more.