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Shopping for Stylus Pens

Why buy a stylus?

Styluses are pen-like accessories that are used to assist in navigating touch-screen devices like tablets and smartphones. A stylus can be used to draw pictures, take notes, or to be more precise when making selections on your mobile devices. They can also help keep your device's screen clean by preventing finger smudges, and can work with a tablet screen protector without loss of functionality.

Stylus Compatibility

Whether you're buying a stylus pen, a keyboard, or other accessories for your tablet, be sure to check the compatibility with your device. Many of the stylus options available will work well with Android or Windows tablets, but it is best to double check before buying. For Apple devices, like an iPad mini or iPad Pro, check out iPad accessories like stylus pens, covers, stands, keyboards and chargers that are sure to work seamlessly.

Uses for Styluses

Making selections on a touch-screen menu with your finger can be difficult, especially if you have larger hands. Styluses make it easier to select the correct icons and links on your screen, which can make using your portable device simpler and more enjoyable. Many graphic designers and artists use a stylus or digital pen for their creative work. You can use your stylus for drawing and creating graphics on your touch-screen devices and then use a compatible wireless printer to print artwork straight from your tablet. Kids can use a stylus and tablet combination to practice their writing skills, or simply to doodle or color while in the car or when markers, crayons and paper aren't handy. Students who don't want to carry a heavy laptop around, but prefer to keep their notes in a digital format can use a digital pen and tablet for taking handwritten notes during class. For presentations, you can use a tablet case that is equipped with a built-in stand to display your tablet, and then use your stylus as a pointer so your hand isn't covering the display.