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Buy a Tablet Keyboard

Why buy a tablet keyboard?

Touch-screen functionality is one of the features that differentiates a tablet from many traditional computers. While the touch screen is great for browsing media, games, or apps, sometimes you just need a tablet with keyboard so you can type out an e-mail or document quickly and efficiently.

Styles of Tablet Keyboards

To make sure you find the best tablet keyboard to fit your specific needs, Best Buy carries a variety of options. Shop a number of keyboard folios that fold neatly with your tablet and double as protective cases. If you don't think you'll want the keyboard every time you use your tablet, you might want to consider a Bluetooth keyboard for tablets that can pair wirelessly and doesn't need to be attached to your device.

Compatible Tablet Keyboards

Whichever style of tablet keyboard you choose, you'll want to make sure it is compatible with the brand of your tablet. Most keyboards and keyboard cases will list the tablets they fit and the type of connectivity, so you can double check that the size and interface will work for your needs. If you are looking for an iPad keyboard, you will want to explore iPad accessories to find a keyboard that works seamlessly with the iPad model you're purchasing or already own. A tablet dock can turn your device into a versatile personal computer, by letting you connect to a monitor and other peripherals, all while charging your tablet.

More Tablet Accessories

Tablets are awesome for multitasking, and can be even more effective with the help of a keyboard and other accessories. If you selected a keyboard for your tablet that isn't multipurpose as a keyboard case, there are a variety of other cases, covers or protective sleeves to choose from. If you like to use your tablet for drawing or enjoy writing notes by hand, you'll want to check out our selection of tablet stylus pens. A tablet screen protector is a must if you want to shield the display from fingerprints and other smudges. Plus, it can minimize scratches, so your tablet will look like new for longer.