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Buying a Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Single Cup Coffee Makers: What You Should Know

It's the latest trend: brewing one cup of coffee at a time. If you like traditional coffee taste and aroma, but want it fast with very little clean-up, a single serve coffee maker may be perfect for you. Since these devices can brew coffee using either a drip or espresso method, make sure you select one that produces the coffee you like to drink. Popular brands include Nespresso and Keurig coffee makers. In addition, many single-serve machines utilize prepackaged pods, sold in an extensive array of coffee and tea varieties and flavors. Simply insert the pod, close the lid and push start. These pods make it easy to change up your morning routine with a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or even hot cider.


Choose a single serving coffee maker with features that best fit your lifestyle like steam nozzles, integrated grinders, brew strength controls, and auto-shut-off. Give some thought to the size of the water reservoir, since you may want to make several beverages in quick succession for the family or a crowd.


Consider the size of the machine — how much space it will occupy on your countertop as well as the size of cup it can accommodate. If your favorite cup is a travel mug, you may need a taller machine. Strength of the brew and temperature selections are also a consideration since they inform the time required to saturate the grounds, which is what creates the flavor.

All about Coffee Pods

And finally, you'll want to investigate the availability of the coffee you want to brew including checking if multiple brands and flavors are compatible with your choice of brewer. For instance, K-Cup pods fit in Keurig, or K-Cup coffee makers as well as other machines. You can easily find large variety packs that allow you to vary your coffee and tea flavors every day. Some machines allow you to create your own pod using ground coffee with a reusable filter device, letting you control the strength of your coffee. Finally, consider convenient coffee pod storage options that will keep the caffeine supply close at hand, plus other accessories like thermal carafes and travel mugs.