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Choosing a Laser Printer

Laser vs. Inkjet Printer

If you're planning to print large volumes and would like a printer that can do this quickly and at a low cost per page, a laser printer might be the best option for you. A laser printer uses toner (powder) and static electricity to transfer images and text onto printer paper. This is different from an inkjet printer which sprays tiny droplets of ink directly on paper, which offers the ability to produce rich, detailed graphics. 

Laser Printer Features Designed to Save Time

Learn more about the variety of printer features available to choose the best laser printer for your home or business. Two time-saving features to consider are output speed and duplex printing. Output speed tells you how quickly you can print pages. The abbreviation PPM stands for pages per minutes, and it indicates how many pages per minute your printer can push out. This is also sometimes referred to as CPM (copies per minute). The higher the number of pages, the faster the printer can print or copy your document. Another efficiency feature is duplex printing. This allows you to print on both sides of the page, which also saves paper. Printers that provide duplex printing will often use a reversing automatic document feeder, which allows for duplex scanning and then prints double-sided pages without requiring you to turn the paper over and refeed it into the machine.

Convenient Laser Printer Features

Two convenient features you might want to look for are built-in Wi-Fi and a touch-screen display. If you want to share your printer between multiple devices, including a desktop PC, smartphone and tablet, consider a printer with built-in Wi-Fi. This also allows you to wirelessly send documents, like those you would create in Microsoft Office, to your printer. You'll find this function on a variety of printers, including some HP LaserJet printer models. Touch-screen LCDs make it easy to navigate your printer and quickly input data such as the number of pages you want to print, the e-mail address you want to send a scan to, or the paper tray you want to use.