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Keep Powered Up with a Portable Charger

Always Ready on the Go with a Charger

With a portable charger or power pack, you can power up anywhere so you can text, surf the web and talk on your phone longer when you're out and about. Worried about the possible mess of cords connected to your device if you have a charger as well as headphones or cell phone headsets plugged in? Consider the wide range of Bluetooth accessories available at Best Buy that pair with your phone or tablet without requiring an extra cord.

When shopping for battery chargers, you'll see two key features listed, including mAh and amps. With more mAh, your power bank charger lasts longer before needing to be recharged. More amps means more power being pushed to your mobile device for a faster, more efficient charge. Compatible with most chargeable devices, you'll find portable chargers for a wide array of phones with plans, tablets and MP3 players, including Apple iPhones, most Samsung, LG, Nokia and Blackberry models, and most USB-enabled devices such as tablets, e-readers or GPS devices. The power packs are available from a variety of brands, including Insignia, Dynex, myCharge, mophie, Tzumi, and more.

Portable Charger Options

To find the best portable charger for your device, consider the type of charging capability you will most frequently need. You'll find options with built-in wall prongs that can charge your device while maintaining the capabilities of the portable charger. Portable chargers are available with built-in Lightning ports for newer Apple devices, or you can find some iPhone cases that can accommodate a slim, lightweight power pack that snaps right onto your phone. These streamlined portable charger options make it easy to use your phone as you normally would, even when used with accessories like a selfie-stick. You can also find a variety of affordable charging cables to keep powered up anywhere there's a power source.

Other Portable Charger Features

Your new portable charger can include a variety of premium features. One option to look for is overload protection, which can safeguard your device against overheating. An LED indicator will alert you to the charging status of your device, while a built-in flashlight is a handy tool for emergencies. Two USB ports will allow you to charge multiple devices at once to save time. And consider the construction of the portable charger. Durable aluminum or rubberized housing with your choice of sizes. You'll even find chargers small enough to fit in a pants pocket. These ultrathin designs are great for road trips and traveling on long flights where space may be limited.