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Tablet Cases, Covers and Keyboard Folios: A Closer Look

Types of Cases, Covers and Folios

There are several styles of tablet case, tablet cover and tablet folio for you to consider, but it's important to note upfront that most are made for a specific model, and are not interchangeable. Tablet skins are easy to attach and remove, can be very colorful, and protect your tablet from scratches and dirt. Tablet sleeves are usually closed on three sides with access provided by a zipper on the fourth side, protecting against bumps, drops and scratches. Combining the form-fitting protection of a skin with the shock-resistance of a sleeve, tablet cases generally conform to the size and shape of the tablet, offering protection for the back and sides up to the edge of the screen. Folio covers allow access to your tablet like a book, providing protection on all sides. Often, especially with skins, sleeves and cases, adding a tablet screen protector makes sense as a reliable way to offer additional screen protection from dust, dirt and little one's greasy fingers.

Tablet Case, Cover and Folio Benefits

Along with protecting your tablet, and keeping it looking like new, cases, covers and folios can also be a fun way to assert your personal style. Whether you're looking for something bright or conventional, for a trendy designer brand or to represent your favorite team, Best Buy's huge selection of designs, styles and colors makes your selection easy.

Another practical reason for getting a case or cover is additional convenience. Folio tablet cases can easily convert into a folding work stand, and many have a swivel feature that makes changing between portrait and landscape orientations a snap. Depending on how you use your tablet, you may want a tablet keyboard folio, specifically designed with a fitted keyboard for tablet that is exceedingly easy to use. And, if added wireless versatility is a benefit, you might want to get one with a Bluetooth keyboard for tablet. Additionally, some cases for tablet offer a reading light that folds out from the side, or a sleeve for storing cords or accessories like stylus pens, preferred by many because they tend to be more precise, especially in cold conditions.

How to Choose

Materials used for both the outer and the inner lining on covers, cases and folios vary, and you can choose based on your preference and the way you will be putting your tablet to use. Will you be using it outdoors? Do you need a cover that's waterproof? And what about the cosmetic look? Are you trying to match a briefcase or purse? Generally, as you would expect, higher priced items will be of higher quality, and so will require replacement less often. You'll also want to determine whether you need a case that will accommodate additional accessories without requiring removal. If you'll be using a portable charger, you'll want a case that allows you to easily attach the tablet charging cable to the charging port on your tablet. And the same consideration is valid if you'll be using a mobile hotspot to provide you with all-day connectivity when you absolutely need it. Whether you're looking for something for a kid, or something that's kid-proof, you'll find it here.