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Choosing a Robot Vacuum

The Future of Clean Floors

Robot vacuums make cleaning easy. Floor cleaning with traditional vacuum cleaners requires both effort and time, but you can schedule an automatic vacuum to clean your floors anytime – whether you are at home or away. A robot floor cleaner, like a cordless vacuum, is lightweight and easy to move around your home, from basement to bedroom. Plus, you can supplement your robot vacuum with vacuum accessories, including replenishment kits, cleaning cloths, hard floor cleaners and more.

Robot Vacuum Features

Depending on your floor care needs, you may be interested in a robotic sweeper or vacuum that features an advanced navigation system that can both scan and map the room to create an efficient cleaning path, and get the whole room clean. A room-by-room navigation feature sends the vacuum into the next room after it's finished with the first, freeing you from vacuum monitoring duty and allowing you to make the most of the rest of your day. In addition, many robot vacuums will sense and avoid furniture and stairs.

Types of Robot Cleaners

The most common robot vacuum cleans hard floors and carpets. Better models offer technology that can detect the surface it occupies and move to an alternate floor type without interruption. It will move from carpet to tile, hardwood and laminate with ease, adapting its suction to clean each type. If you have hard surfaces that can be wet-mopped, choose a robot mop to get them sparkling clean. Shop for robot vacuums and more small appliance deals at

Vacuums for Heavy-Duty Cleaning Needs

If you have messy pets (or kids) you may need a commercial vacuum. Or you may be able to save some money with a carpet deep cleaner. You will need to purchase separate cleaning solutions, but your carpets will end up looking and smelling great.