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Batman [Blu-ray] [1989]

Release Date:04/20/2010
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Batman [Blu-ray] [1989]
Batman [Blu-ray] [1989]


Behind the black cowl, Gotham City superhero Batman is really millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton), who turned to crimefighting after his parents were brutally murdered before his eyes. The only person to share Wayne's secret is faithful butler Alfred (Michael Gough). The principal villain in Batman is The Joker (Jack Nicholson) who'd been mob torpedo Jack Napier before he was horribly disfigured in a vat of acid. The Joker's plan to destroy Batman and gain control of Gotham City is manifold. First he distributes a line of booby-trapped cosmetics, then he goes on a destruction spree in the Gotham Art Museum while the music of Prince blasts away in the background, and finally he orchestrates an all-out campaign to win the hearts and minds of the Gothamites, hoping to turn them against the Cowled One. Meanwhile, reporter Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger) becomes the love of Batman's life-which of course plays right into the Joker's hands. Photographed by Roger Pratt, designed by Anton Furst, and scored by Tim Burton's favorite composer Danny Elfman, Batman was a monstrous box-office hit, making $100 million in the first ten days of release--$82,800,000 in North America alone. Incidentally, Billy Dee Williams' comparatively small role as DA Harvey Dent was originally designed to set up the sequel, wherein Dent was to convert into master criminal Two-Face; but by the time the producers got around to that character in 1995's Batman Forever, Two-Face was played by Tommy Lee Jones.~Hal Erickson


Commentary By Director Tim Burton

On The Set With Bob Kane

Legends of the Dark Knight: The History of Batman - The Comic Book Saga as Reinvented and Reinterpreted Over Seven Decades

Shadows Of The Bat: The Cinematic Saga Of The Dark Knight Parts 1-3

The Road to Gotham City - The Gathering Storm

The Legend Reborn

Beyond Batman Documentary Gallery: Visualizing Gotham: The Production Design Of Batman

Building The Batmobile

Those Wondeful Toys: The Props and Gadgets Of Batman

Designing The Bat-Suit

From Jack To The Joker

Nocturnal Overtures: The Music Of Batman

3 Prince Music Videos: Batdance, Partyman and Scandalous

The Heroes and The Villains Profile Galleries

Batman: The Complete Robin Storyboard Sequence

Theatrical Trailer