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The Tech You Need to Start Exploring

With Google Expeditions kits powered by Best Buy® Education, it’s easier than ever to take your students on virtual field trips or bring the world into the classroom. Best of all, Google Expeditions kits are built preconfigured for your school and are ready for you to start exploring immediately.

Google Expeditions virtual reality (VR) lets you take your students on hundreds of virtual reality trips without ever leaving the classroom. By simply looking through the viewer, students can swim beneath the ocean with sharks or visit the vastness of outer space.

And now, augmented reality (AR) is available. Imagine staring into the mouth of a volcano or getting up close with a strand of DNA. Google Expeditions AR allows teachers to bring the world into the classroom as students engage with this immersive new technology,

Here’s how AR works: Google Expeditions kits use Google’s AR technology to place 3D objects in the classroom for students to observe. Students can walk all around the objects, get up close to examine details, and step back to see the full picture.

With both the VR and AR versions, the included Teacher Tablet makes leading classroom discussions simple — no time-consuming research necessary — leaving more time for you to teach, and your students to engage.

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Encore Webinar

Google Expeditions: Tools for Tomorrow's Classroom

Join us as we give unique perspectives and expertise on how virtual reality tools like Google Expedition kits are helping to shape and improve the future of education.

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Case Study

Bringing Future-Ready Tech into the Classroom

Client: Catawba County Schools
Location: Newton, North Carolina

How one school district's IT Department, Administrators, and Teachers worked together to make student learning both relevant and engaging with Google Expeditions.


Discover Tour Creator, Google's New VR Tool

With Tour Creator, you can easily create virtual reality tours using footage from 360º cameras or choosing from the huge selection of existing Google Street View content. Each Google Expeditions kit includes a 360º camera for creating your own personalized virtual reality tours.

You can also quickly publish to Google Poly to be viewed on the web, in VR using WebXR or, embed it on any website.

Google Expeditions Kits

VR 30-Device Kit

• 30 student devices
• 30 virtual reality viewers
• 1 360° camera
• 3 rapid chargers
• 1 teacher device
• 1 router
• 1 case or charging cart
• Geek Squad® White Glove Service

Bundle Price: $9,369

VR 20-Device Kit

• 20 student devices
• 20 virtual reality viewers
• 1 360° camera
• 2 rapid chargers
• 1 teacher device
• 1 router
• 1 case or charging cart
• Geek Squad® White Glove Service

Bundle Price: $6,684

VR 10-Device Kit

• 10 student devices
• 10 virtual reality viewers
• 1 360° camera
• 1 rapid charger
• 1 teacher device
• 1 router
• 1 case or charging cart
• Geek Squad® White Glove Service

Bundle Price: $3,999

New AR/VR 15-Device Kit

• 15 AR student devices
• 15 selfie sticks
• 15 virtual reality viewers
• 1 360° camera
• 2 rapid chargers
• 1 teacher device
• 1 router
• 1 case or charging cart
• Geek Squad® White Glove Service

Special Introductory Pricing: $9,599.99 while supplies last.
Ends 9/1/18.

Prices do not include shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

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Customize Your Kit

Now you can build your Google Expeditions kit to fit your needs. Need only the student devices and teacher tablet? You got it. Just the view finder? No problem. Ask about our build-your-own kit option.


Geek Squad® White Glove Service

With the help of our Geek Squad White Glove service, your Google Expeditions kit will be ready to use right out of the box.

Geek Squad will perform the following tasks:
•  Asset tag all devices
•  Program each phone with the Google Expeditions app
•  Configure router
•  Configure tablet
•  Pack and ship your kit

Google Expeditions Kits Start-Up Instructions & Support

Find step-by-step start-up instructions, user manuals, and other product information.

See Google Expeditions resources

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