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Personalized Learning

Make Student Learning Meaningful and Relevant

We help teachers get tools that are responsive to the different ways students can achieve their best.


Creating a Successful Learning Environment

Personalized learning connects with each individual's development, background, interests and experiences. This approach equitably supports educators' efforts to empower individual learners. Personalized learning actively engages, motivates and inspires students, in part by providing the right resources, at the right time, and at the pace that best fits their needs.

A tailored learning experience can be accomplished with the aid of future-ready components, including:

  • Student and Teacher Devices — Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets
  • Classroom Tools — Software, licenses, and curriculum

Best Buy Education is here to support all your personalized learning needs.

We provide a broad spectrum of ed-tech solutions to meet any classroom need. Our goal is to help support each district's learning initiatives by creating future-ready classrooms, and to equip teachers to guide their students with the ability to learn how, when and where they want.

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Increasing District-Wide Classroom Efficiency

Client: Orono Public Schools
Location: Orono, Minnesota

How increasing district-wide classroom efficiency dual-funded BYOD gives Orono Public Schools an affordable and sustainable 1:1 device solution.

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Implementing a Sustainable Device Program

We'll help you deploy a dual-funded student device program faster and more affordably to ensure all students have the tools for success.

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