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Snoring, traffic, and other noises keeping you awake? Bose noise-masking sleepbuds block out noise so you can get the rest you deserve. Instead of streaming music, Bose sleepbuds deliver soothing sounds that cover up unwanted nighttime noises and help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus, they’re super comfortable and made to stay in place all night long, even if you sleep on your side.
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    What's Included

    • Bose Noise-masking sleepbuds
    • Drawstring travel pouch
    • Quick start guide
    • Three sizes of StayHear+ Sleep tips included
    • Travel/charge case
    • USB charging cable
    • Wall charger

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    79% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (180 out of 229)


    Noise masking

    Noise-masking earbuds block out noise so you can get to sleep and stay asleep.

    Soothing sounds

    Designed to help you sleep. Instead of streaming music, they deliver soothing sounds that cover up unwanted noise and help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

    Choose from 10 pre-loaded soothing sounds, some optimized for masking and others for relaxation.

    Comfortable and secure

    Built to stay in and stay comfortable all night long even if you sleep on your side.

    Truly Wireless

    Truly wireless sleepbuds with no cords in your way, so you can move freely throughout the night.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    The rechargeable silver-zinc micro batteries in the sleepbuds provide up to 16 hours of use off one charge. Generally used in applications like hearing aids, these batteries are safe for wearable applications.

    StayHear®+ Sleep tips

    Comfortable enough to wear all night long regardless of sleeping position; available in three ear tip size options.

    Wake-up alarms

    Using the Bose Sleep app, you can set wake-up alarms that only you can hear, so you won't disturb the person sleeping next to you.

    Rechargeable combination travel case/charger

    This compact case conveniently stores and keeps sleepbuds safe; provides one full charge without having to plug them in.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars with 230 reviews

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Allows me to sleep in peace

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • Top 25 ContributorTop 25 Contributor

      ======= Summary ======= The Bose Noise-Making Sleep Buds are one of those rare and pleasant products that live up to all of its marketing promises. They are very comfortable, does an excellent job filtering out ambient noise, and include helpful features such as alarm schedules. It's a great product~! *Pros: -Super comfortable and light. -Fits my ears perfectly (medium size tips). -Great sound quality. -Many choices for ambient sounds & alarm sounds. -Alarm only wakes you up and not your spouse. -Charging case looks awesome & feels nice. -Slick magnetic docking and charging mechanism for the sleep buds. -Easy to operate. *Cons: -Can be paired to only one smartphone at a time. -The sleep buds do not automatically connect to the phone after taking them out of the case. ======= Design & Build ======= The Bose Noise-Masking Sleep Buds are a premium product in a premium package. The sleep buds are cool-looking & light, well-designed & super comfortable to wear all night, and easy to put on and take off. The charging case is a work of art as well. Made of aluminum, it is light and feels premium. The bottom of the case has a soft-touch and non-slip rubber bottom that secures the charging case to any surface. The sliding-up mechanism to open the charging case feels "fun" and very satisfactory. It is very smooth in actuation and opens and closes easily. And the way the sleep buds get charged are slick and futuristic. Slide open the charging case, place the sleep buds into their slots, and the magnets hold the sleep buds in place to the charger. When the sleep buds are being charged, a white LED strip of light beneath each sleep bud pulses on and off to let you know that the sleep buds are being charged. When the charging case is being charged, then the round center LED lights pulse to let you know that the case is being charged. All very slick stuff. Check out my short YouTube video to see the charging in action: <--- Shows the case & the sleep buds being charged. The rest of the kit are equally nice as well - the wall charger and its USB charging cable, two extra eartips (small and large), and a nice draw-string cloth case for the charging case. The kit definitely feels worth $250 to me with its well-executed design, premium build and materials, and all the included accessories. ======= Comfort ======= As promised by Bose, the sleep buds are very light and super comfortable to wear during sleep. I sleep frequently on my sides and the buds never bothered me nor disrupted my sleep. Before using the Bose sleep buds, I used regular foam ear plugs to filter out the noises. To my pleasant surprise, the Bose sleep buds - despite having plastic parts and a battery inside - felt more comfortable to wear for long sleep periods. ======= Noise Masking Ability ======= Again, Bose has managed to deliver on its promises and provided a great noise-masking experience for me. With my foam ear plugs, I can still hear my neighbor's dogs barking which lead me to waking up frequently because I'm a semi-light sleeper. With the sleep buds and the appropriate noise-making sound effect (I used Cascade), the dog's barking is almost entirely filtered out so I don't get awakened. There are a total of 10 different noise-making sound effects: Shower (rain), Swell (ocean waves), Altitude (airplane humming sound), Cascade (waterfall), Circulate (windfarm fans), Downstream (water stream), Warm Static (white noise), Rustle (leaves rustling), Tranquility (instrumental), and Campfire (bonfire). In addition, you can set the volume level of each sound effect so that the sound effects themselves won't prevent you from falling asleep. I'm so very happy that such a product exists~!! Sleep is a precious commodity for me due to my tiring work and my very active toddler. The sleep buds allow me to sleep in peace and get my needed rest. ======= App Support ======= The Bose Sleep app is well-designed and super simple to use. The app guides you step-by-step in pairing up the sleep buds to your phone and helps you choose the correctly-sized eartips for maximum comfort. It is inside the app where you choose your noise-masking sound effect (10 choices), set the volume of the sound effects, create your alarm schedule, set your alarm sound & its volume (7 alarm sound choices), access the Owner's Manual, and perform firmware updates (there was one firmware update out of the box). On the topic of alarms, it is great that my wife will no longer get disturbed by my alarm in the morning. With the sleep buds playing the alarm ONLY inside my ears, I don't have to feel so bad anymore. :D If there is one thing I wish Bose would change about the operation of the Sleep Buds, it is to have the phone automatically connect to the Sleep Buds when they are taken out of the charging case and start playing the noise-masking sound effect automatically. As it is now, I have to take out the Sleep Buds, open the Bose app and wait for the pairing, then hit the Play button to start the sound effect. All in all, the app is intuitive and very helpful. Great job from Bose~! ======= My Verdict ======= The Bose Sleep Buds get a Ten out of Ten from me~!! The product looks very cool and all the rest of the kit are premium. The Sleep Buds are super comfortable and non-irritating. The sound quality is great and all the sound effects and alarm sounds work well. Best of all, I can sleep in peace and get a great night of sleep in a consistent manner.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Trouble Sleeping? Not anymore

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      Bose has come out with a line of wireless earbuds that are directed towards an audience that suffers from difficulty sleeping whatever the reason may be. If you live near a noisy city or maybe have loud neighbors or perhaps you just suffer from insomnia then these may be the ear buds for you. These ear buds are pretty straight forward and i will do my best to get straight to the point and hopefully this review will help in deciding rather or not this is a right buy for you. First and foremost i want to stress that these earbuds WILL NOT stream music at all. I will get to the reason why later but if you buy these understand they will not stream any kind of music and Bose has no intention of making this a possibility in the near future. First i just want to talk briefly on the design. At this price point you are going to get a real quality design here. This is a typical wireless earbud set up. The earbuds will come with the storage case which also serves as its charging dock. You will get three different earbud sizes, S/M/L. USB charging cable and travel case are also provided as well. First thing i noticed off the bat is how well the case is built. It doesn't feel flimsy at all and the earbuds connect very easily to the charging dock via magnets. This makes lining them up for charging a breeze. There are five indicator lights on the charging case itself to let you know the cases battery life also when you plug in your earbuds to charge there will be solid white lights that flash directly under each earbud to let you know two things, one its connected properly and two it is currently charging. When the lights turn solid white they are fully charged. Now the earbuds itself is claimed to have a battery life of 16 hours which should give you about two days depending on how long you sleep. I pushed it and was able to get two full 8 hour days out of it barely. I would recommend just charging them every morning to play it safe. The charging case itself will hold enough battery power when not connected to a power source to give the earbuds one good full charge on a depleted earbud battery level. After that the case will need to be charged up again. What worked best for me was just leaving the case plugged in all the time and setting the earbuds in the case each morning after i woke up so they would be ready to go once i was ready for bed at the end of the day. These earbuds are meant to be slept with and left in the ear all night long and Bose claims that they will be comfortable now matter how you sleep, even if you sleep on your side. So this was one area i was a little skeptical in due to the fact that i have never been one who was ever able to fall asleep with headphones or earbuds on just because they would always bother me. I will say it was a little weird sleeping with them on but i can honestly say they where never truly uncomfortable. I was actually impressed with how comfortable they really are and i think alot of that has to do with how small of a design Bose made these earbuds. While sleeping on my side i never felt like the weight of my head was pushing the earbuds deeper in my ears. I also never got any added pressure from pillow while being on my side and not once did i ever feel like they were going to fall out. This is all due to the design and reason why you cannot stream music on these earbuds. Bose wanted to make a comfortable headset that you could sleep with but in order to achieve that they went with a smaller hardware which meant they had to sacrifice its streaming capability. The earbuds themselves are already preset from the factory with 10 different soothing sounds plus they also had to leave room for their ANC (active noise cancellation). To be able to also stream music with such a small piece of hardware wasn't going to be possible. Now lets talk about what exactly these buds do and what kind of sounds you can expect to get out of them. First off before you can use them you will need to download the Bose sleep app from your local android or apple store. Once the app is downloaded and connected to your earbuds you are ready to get going on your sleep set up. From the app you can control a few different functions. You will be able to control volume level, pick from 10 different soothing sounds, set an alarm to wake you up without waking up your neighbor and you can even set it up to shut the soothing sounds off at a certain time or let them play all night long. Some of the soothing sounds you have to chose from are as follows: Rustle (leaves blowing in the wind),cascade (which is waterfall sounds), Shower (the sound of rain), Circulate (which makes the noise similar to a large fan), Altitude (which will make you feel like your in an airplane), swell (ocean sounds), campfire(crackling of wood and crickets chirping), Warm static (this one is a weird one to describe but Bose calls it brown noise), Downstream ( flowing water similar to a creek), and tranquility(light tranquil music). Bose also has stated that they plan to release more sounds with future updates however due to the hardware capability don't expect too much. These sounds along with the fact these earbuds have noise cancellation will make it a little bit easier to fall asleep. Me and my wife both struggle to fall asleep and we actually have a smart speaker in our room that we use to play white noise in the form of rain falling. The only problem with using a speaker is one of us usually doesn't hear it too well as the other person depending on where we position our speaker. The nice thing about these earbuds though is that if you have a significant other that may be able to sleep just fine you can pop these in and listen to your white noise without disturbing them. Another awesome thing is the fact that you can have your alarm sound in your earbuds to wake you and only you this way you don't have wake up your significant other if its not their time to wake yet. But probably one the most beneficial things to this earbud set up that i really like is the immersive effect it has on you. Since it has noise cancellation it is able to drown out most outside noises and give you only what you want to hear. And since they fit directly in your ears so well you will hear the sounds from all angles. Lets say you pop on the campfire noise, the immersion is done so good that you can close your eyes and feel almost as if you are outdoors laying right next to the campfire with nature all around you. Now one thing i wish Bose would of done since they are targeting people with sleep issues is added binaural sounds in the background. As far as i know the only sound that contains this or comes close is the warm static sound. I'm not exactly sure if they added any binaural sounds in the background but as far as i can tell i don't hear any. If you don't know what binaural sounds are, well without getting too technical they basically are high frequency sounds that some people can and can't hear that help the brain with different functions. They operate on the delta waves and are supposed to help with different functions such as memory, relaxation, sleep and so on. Now i may be wrong but as far as i have read from Bose the sounds do not seem to contain them plus i don't seem to pick up on them which i usually can. Everyone has different opinions on rather or not they work but i fell they do and it would be nice to see them implemented in something that is supposed to be used for a sleep aid. Now the noise cancellation is good but don't expect it to cancel everything out. Some noise will still enter through but it will sound muffled. Once you start your white noise however almost all outside noise will seem to vanish. But don't worry you really don't want complete noise cancellation while your sleeping for cases of emergency alarms going off or if you have young ones you need to listen out for. All in all this is a great buy with no flaws that i can seem to find so far. You are buying from a big brand name hitter that is very fluent in noise cancellation and sound control. If you have a husband (or wife) that snores, or maybe you live in a crowded city or college dorm room than these are a must for you. I just recently bought a puppy for my wife and i forgot just how much they cry at night. All i know is once i pop these earbuds in i can sleep soundly and no longer hear that puppy bark all night long anymore (thank god!). In all reality if your having trouble sleeping for whatever the reason is i think these could help out quite a bit. They may not be a fix all but they definitely helped me sleep much better. Pros: -16 hour earbud life -Good noise cancellation -Sturdy charging case -10 different sounds to choose from -Alarm clock -Comfortable to sleep in Cons: -DOES NOT STREAM MUSIC!! (Not really a bad thing more of a FYI)

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      So good, health insurance should cover the cost


      I've lived with insomnia all my life, and have tried many things. Sleep sounds such as fans helped, but living next to a busy road and having neighbors means that I would often be perturbed back into wakefulness. Motorcycle people often want to show off how loud their bikes can be without care for others. It's a mating call, oh well. Thought I would have to just live with it. Noise canceling headphones only went so far but comfort issues can just be bad as the motorcycles revving their engines outside my window. Sleeping pills are just terrible. They work, but only for a week or two at most before they become less effective, and they are too easy to become dependent on. Worse, they make you groggy the next day and off your game, even if just a little, sometimes a lot for me. The night before I purchased these I got only about three hours of sleep. That's miserable, especially when you have to work early the next day. I had been eyeing these for a while and that 3 hour night was my breaking point. These are not cheap, but how much have I spent on sleeping pills and all the other solutions? And what price is quality of life. So I once again threw my hope into a product and thankfully this time it paid off. The first few nights are a little weird. Your mind needs to get used to it. The product fits perfectly and comfortably, much better than airpods for example, so there is no discomfort to distract me, but we insomniacs are a sensitive people and you still feel that something is in your ear, even if it was a fluffy cotton ball. The constant sound also requires getting used to. So I was iffy the first few nights, and even took them out the first night. But I kept at it. Last night I had fully gotten used to them and had the best sleep I have had in a long time, and without sleeping pills. Last night was the first night I was able to fall asleep without sleeping pills in months, in fact. My mind had gotten used to the new sensations and sounds and it was amazing. They mask the street sound nearly perfectly, except for the occasional extra loud motorcycle, but even then the sound that does make it in is so softened that it doesn't take me out of the spiral into sleep. Now, these aren't miracles. Insomniacs often have problems turning off their minds enough to fall asleep, and mindfulness techniques and training are helpful for me there. But these two things alone, mindfulness and the sleepbuds wouldn't be enough. Coupled together, they have proven for me to be a powerful way to manage insomnia. I'm writing this on the day after a healthy full night sleep (I have a sleep tracker as well) and feel amazing both physically and mentally. So now the price of these doesn't hurt one bit. So worth it, and I would even pay more knowing now how well they help me. That being said, I can easily see the day where these are approved as medical aides such that they can be prescribed and covered by healthy insurance. Until then, I appreciate the risk that Bose took in bringing this product to market and hope its something they continue to manufacture for the rest of my life. If these go off market, I will dread the day the pair I have stop working. Highly recommended for fellow insomniacs, just don't see it as a cure. Couple it with mindfulness techniques, though, and you get pretty amazingly close. It's a potentially life-changing purchase worth the asking price. Of course, you may get different results than I did, but sleep is so central to our physical and mental health that if there is a chance it will help its probably worth it. I also plan to get these for my mom who has kindly shared the insomnia gene with me :)

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Does what it claims to do, well!


      Bose has created another elegantly made product that does what it claims to do, in this case help you sleep comfortably. It is helpful to break it down first into two categories. What it is and what it is not. First what it is. It is an extremely comfortable set of earbuds you can wear all night, even if you sleep on your side. They stay in your ears with no fuss and seal out unwanted noise. To further enhance the noise reduction and masking (not cancellation) they employ noise masking technology that plays preset pleasant sounds created to mask unwanted noise (in various frequencies). Because of what they are, they cannot effectively be what they are not. What they are not are hi-fi streaming headphones. All of the sounds are actually played from the earbuds themselves, controlled by the app on your phone. They do not play any sound from your mobile device. They can't without sacrificing size, which is why they are so comfortable and why the battery is so small but can actually play an entire night (or two) without being charged. Your standard bluetooth earbuds would not be as comfortable and would not play as long. This is why this product is not for playing music or other files. What it is though is a great. Great at helping you sleep with few disturbances. Great at being barely there. Great at playing all night long. In short, a great looking product with a slick charging case that looks every bit worthy of the hefty price, and that works. Is it expensive? Absolutely but in my opinion it is worth it. The first night I had them I was restless. I chose the Cascade sound as it seemed to block traffic sounds best. I am not sure if it was the sound or just me being restless but it didn't seem to help much the first night. Subsequently I tried other sounds and so far my favorite is the "Rustle" sound. It's a little deeper (IMO) than Cascade and a bit less harsh, but masks traffic noise as well as the Cascade sound did. I find it more soothing (for me). There are enough sounds that one should work for just about everyone. You get: Rustle (windy sound) Cascade (waterfall sound) Shower (rain) Circulate (the sound of an old-school fan) Altitude (airplane sound, honestly this one seems odd) Swell (ocean) Campfire (just what it sounds like but with crickets) Warm Static (brown noise) Downstream (brook sound) Tranquility (melodic sound for relaxing) This is a pretty good start and as I said something for just about everyone. Bose advertises more sounds will come in subsequent updates. I'm looking forward to seeing what they put out. It comes with an app that walks you through set up and pairing your headphones. It flashes the earbuds with an update when you first pair them to the phone and then all you need to do is set an alarm, which works very well, and pick a sound to sleep by. They come with different tips for different sized ears (the medium that were already installed worked well for me). They go into your ear easily, are very secure, and most importantly are extremely comfortable. They are very small and have given me 0 issues with sleeping on my side. I've only had one issue and that was for some reason the alarm got turned off one night. But this hasn't been an issue since. I set a backup regular alarm just in case. I've slept a total of 5 nights and 4 of them were very restful. I also seemed to fall asleep faster. All in all, great product with few downsides. I definitely recommend!

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      A Sleep Mask for Your Ears

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

      Bose has always been an innovator. These sleepbuds are no exception, and they work quite well. First, the presentation. The buds are designed to be nested in a sturdy metal case which both protects them and charges them. You can connect the supplied AC adapter through the supplied usb cable, or you can plug the usb cable into another device to charge the buds. You must then install the smartphone app to control the buds and select the masking background of your choice to help blot out the noise while you sleep. Three sizes of ear fittings are offered: small, medium and large. I have rather large ears, but the smallest of the three nested in my ears the best. Once they buds are in, they are quite comfortable. I did not feel any discomfort at all either going to sleep, during the night, or when I got up in the morning. Most of the background choices are what you might think and are descriptive: Rustle, Cascade, Shower, Circulate, Altitude, Swell, Campfire, Warm Static, Downstream, and Tranquility. I would surmise that the choices are based on sounds that your memory would be likely to associate with peaceful sleep, like cracking campfires, running brooks and rustling leaves and wind. I chose rustle and it worked beautifully for me. The buds fit tightly into your ear canal for one level of sound suppression. After placement I was not conscious of their presence. When the rustle sound was played through the app, I could hear leaves rustling and a gentle wind blowing as I eased off to sleep. I generally awaken each night several times due to non- noise related issues, as I did with the sleepbuds. I eased back to sleep, not even conscious of the rustle sound. I woke up completely refreshed and it took me a few minutes to even perceive the rustle masking sounds were still present. I will try the other sounds as well. I did find the inclusion of "Altitude" in the suppression mix to be somewhat ironic. After all Bose is known for its "Quiet Comfort" selection of headphone and earbud products which are designed to keep the aircraft sounds suppressed underneath the music. This product seeks to use the monotonous whine of jet engines to mask sounds which otherwise might interrupt your sleep. I suspect it will work on me as well, and will have try it soon. I do have a nit to pick. I was never able to get the buds to connect via Bluetooth to my phone without first putting them back in the case, and then immediately removing them from the case, and proceeding through the prompt in the app to connect them. The product instructions suggest this as a last resort. So far, it has proved to be the sole resort which results in a connection. And the buds do fit so nicely in the case: by both the contour cut-out and the magnets that hold each bud in the correct position for charging. A white light adjacent to each bud confirms they are properly seated. A separate row of leds shows charging progress. These sleepbuds work. They will go with me on the road when I must have a perfect night's sleep for work task the next day. There is a convenient travel pouch for taking them on the road. My main problem. I am a snorer. I strongly suspect my wife is going to want to try these out as well. I don't blame her. I would expect them to work for her. I guess I will be purchasing another set soon!

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Very Nice But Hard to Justify the Price Tag


      Like many of you you looking at this product you are have a specific need you are attempting to resolve. In this case that would be sleep, for the love of all just some good sleep. These Bose Sleep Buds are designed for just that demographic in mind. Want to stream music, nope not going to happen. These bad boys are built to do one thing and one thing only help you get a better night sleep. First off the size is absolutely perfect; for me at least. The buds slip right into my ear and are by far the most comfortable ear buds I have used to date. This is a good thing considering they are designed to keep in your ears all evening long. If you have attempted to use other brands to solve this problem eh umm Apple Air Pods you have likely been very disappointed when you wake up to possibly sore ears or worse missing Air Pods. I assure you if nothing else these Bose Sleep Pods are perfection when it comes to comfort. If you disagree well you you are wrong sorry. Now that we have the comfort out of the way do they actually help you sleep? Yes, but probably not as good as you might think. I have now been sleeping with these Buds in my ears for around 3 nights and can say I gone to sleep much faster and seem to have a deeper more relaxing sleep. I actually look forward to going to sleep now knowing I won't toss and turn all night because of sounds bothering me and if I do toss and turn I won't have to worry about operation find the head phones in the morning. +1 for the sleep bud so far. Next up the sounds that have magical undertones to whisk you away. This is where I had some buyers remorse right off the bat. If you have used a $20 sleep machine in the past you have already experience the sounds of sleep. Bluntly put I was expecting something more, something magical that these engineers at Bose produced that made me go wow that is it! I didn't get that and still don't when I have my Sleep Buds in. The sounds are fine and do their job however unless I'm missing something aren't all that special. For the price tag of $249 I was expecting more, a lot more when it comes to quality sounds. At $24 a tone ($249/10) I was hoping for something a bit more. Sure I know that isn't fair but at that price I expect magical butterflies and unicorns popping into my brain and putting me to sleep. They may come in a future release but currently they are in their barns awaiting release. Lastly did the Sleep Buds help me get more sleep. Yes, so far they have done a good job and I'm enjoying them. What you really want to know are they worth $249 then answer is clearly no. I feel they could have easily priced these at $99 and still made profit and owned that corner of the market. As is these are pricing themselves into people waiting for the competition to come in with lower priced equally solid products that don't make you cry when you lay the cash down. Bose you done good, you just priced them wrong. Happy Sleeping folks.

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      A wonderful sleep solution


      Sleeping is not always easily achieved. Every day is different. Different stresses and experiences, jobs, kids, mortgages, etc. One thing that can truly be a challenge on many nights is being able to relax. To let the day kind of ease away so that you can find some comfort and get a good night's sleep. One popular method is sound, whether it be an air conditioner, a fan, or one of those speakers that plays soothing soundscapes such as rain, waves, etc. So what’s the problem with all of those things? There’s room between your ears and the sound. It’s currently summer time and I have the air conditioner running. It’s good white noise, but it buzzes a bit. The spinning fan can vibrate the air conditioner and make unpleasant sounds. I also have an app on my phone that plays different sounds. I usually choose the waves sound. However, my wife isn’t a fan of that one. Except for the fact that the A/C keeps the room cool, she’d rather have complete silence when sleeping. Earphones are very uncomfortable to sleep with because they’re not designed to be used while laying down on your side. Well, BOSE has come up with an amazing solution!!!!! The BOSE Sleepbuds. If you look at my first picture, the case they come in is small. Around the size of a hockey puck. This is not just any ordinary case. It’s a charging case. When the case is charged, it’ll keep the earbuds charged. It slides open to not only reveal the earbuds, but it also shows you the charge of each one. Look how small they are. They’re very light and incredibly comfortable. Check out the second picture. How discreet is that??? Plus, they’re wireless! Now you can’t just play regular music through these. That’s not what they’re designed for. They’re not made for high fidelity with tons of bass and screaming highs. They’re made to play soothing sounds for the person wearing them, and only the person wearing them. They’re your own private soundscape machines. There’s nothing between the relaxing sounds and your ears. You control them with the BOSE Sleep App, which is also fantastic. You can choose the sound you like, choose how long the sound is played, including being able to have it play all night, you can choose the volume, and you can choose what time to have an alarm go off to wake you up. They really thought of everything. The first night I used them, it was a breeze. When you take them out of the case and launch the app, everything pairs up automatically. The app looks for them. They are so comfortable to wear, even with my ear pressed against the pillow. Not only was the sound relaxing, but it really reduced the A/C buzzing. I really have slept better. The main points regarding this product are ease of use, comfort, variety of settings to truly personalize the experience, and quality of sleep it enables you to have. BOSE has really excelled at accomplishing these things. I love tech and gadgets, etc. So to have a product like this with such a cool factor while also being very effective at solving a difficult problem, is really just a dream come true (pun intended). Thank you BOSE for such a fantastic product. I can’t wait to see, and hear, what you come up with next.

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Beautiful, Glorious Sleep!


      I am extremely excited to finally receive and use the Bose Sleepbuds and I’d like to share my experience. I’ll take you step by step through my review. Packaging: Quality packaging is always typical of Bose, and the Sleepbuds are no exception. Everything is carefully packed to prevent damage or scratches. Once unboxed, you’ll have everything needed: Sleepbuds, charging case, a USB charging cable, instructions and a cloth carrying case for travel. (Dear Bose: please include a cloth pouch with all of your portable products.) Set-up: Easy. Download the exclusive Bose Sleepbuds app from your iOS/Android store and follow the step by step directions. You’ll be up and running in no time. The earbuds fit perfectly in the exquisite charging case. I’m just knocked out by the beauty of the case and buds! Both are so elegantly designed, and the indicator lights on the case are beautiful, functional and simple. The buds effortlessly dock via magnets, so there’s no guess work. The case is also good for giving the buds 1 extra full charge (16 hours of typical use, per charge). I found the 16 hour time estimate to be accurate. Use, fit and sound: These little gems are effective! You’ll get 10 different sounds to choose from, maybe more as updates are released. You’ll also get to adjust length of listening session, alarm time and sound, volume, etc. The fit of the earbuds are next to perfect and the size of the earbuds are great for side sleepers since they’re so small. I‘m still amazed by the sound of these tiny buds and hope that this will be the future of Bose’s music buds. I know that’ll take a while to develop, but a person can dream! I hope to see the technology used with these Sleepbuds in other Bose products soon. Phone App: The app is very intuitive and simple. Updates are easily installed when available. As mentioned earlier, there’s 10 sounds to choose from and most are great… except 1: Altitude. I think someone at Bose has a wicked sense of humor! Bose was the pioneer of noise-cancelling earphones. Why else would Bose include the sound of being in an airplane as 1 of the 10 available sounds for the Sleepbuds, other than a brilliant joke? LOL The other 9 sounds are so peaceful, with my favorite being a rain shower. Summary: If you have problems sleeping in a noisy environment, or just need a simple background of peaceful sound to lull you to sleep, then you will want to give the Bose Sleepbuds a try. The design and research that went into these buds are obvious and the quality is Bose through and through. With Best Buy's return policy, you shouldn't worry about giving these beauties a try.

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