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Bose® - SoundTouch® 30 Series III Wireless Music System - White

Bose® SoundTouch® 30 Series III Wireless Music System: There's a world of music out there. And the SoundTouch® 30 wireless music system is the easiest way to play it throughout your home - wirelessly. It connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network without any complicated equipment. Place this compact system just about anywhere around your home and enjoy clear, room-filling sound. It's part of an entire family of wireless products for every room of your home. A free, powerful app lets you explore millions of songs from music services, Internet radio stations and your stored music library. And with SoundTouch®, you can play any of that music instantly, without a phone or tablet. Simply press one of six presets on the speaker or remote, and your favorite music starts.

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    What's Included

    • SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System
    • Remote
    • USB cable, power cord
    • Owner's manual

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (732 out of 774)


    Enjoy robust sound anywhere in your home

    Midsize design fits on shelves and countertops, so you can listen to your favorite music while you work or relax.

    Built-in Wi-Fi

    Connect to your home network for access to your entire digital music library.

    Bluetooth technology

    Lets you wirelessly pair with your compatible smartphone or tablet.

    Bose® waveguide speaker technology

    Fill your living room or bedroom with rich, powerful sound.

    Auxiliary and USB inputs

    Connect your smartphone or tablet for simple wired music playback.

    SoundTouch® app integration

    Use your smartphone or tablet like a remote to stream your digital music collection or access music services like Spotify and Pandora (app download required).

    Works with Amazon Alexa

    Voice control your music by telling Amazon Alexa what to play

    6 presets

    Access your favorite music instantly.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 774 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 4 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews



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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      LoVe the SoundTouch 20 and SoundTouch 30!


      I went to Best Buy to check out the new Bose revolve wireless speaker. I tested both sizes and thought they sounded pretty good. But sitting right next to them, was the Bose Soundtouch 10. That blew those 2 portable speakers away and completely changed my mind about getting one. So then I did some research on the SounchTouch line. I didn't think I "needed" one but I see now that I see that I was wrong. But first...I had to hear the 20 and 30 and compare them to the 10. They had the 10, 20, and 30 all set up by the TV's. This time, the 20 and 30 both blew away the 10. So now I've managed to bait & switch myself from getting the revolve to getting the SoundTouch 30. Sounded great in the huge store so I bought it. The 30 sounds great in my living room. I liked the features so much I got the 20 for my bedroom. I already had a Bose wave music system III in there....but for another comparison, the SoundTouch 20 sounds better. Most obviously it has more bass. For my bedroom the 20 is powerful enough and fit better too. The 30 is bigger and heavier, but if you have the space, it's amazing. I did get to try a SoundTouch 10 in my home and I have to say - it doesn't compare. Even in a pretty small bedroom it just wasn't great. There is a huge sound quality difference from the 10 to the 20, so get the 20 if you can. What I love the most about it, isn't the multi-room feature (though that's great) or the app (also good), but the physical remote. Now I can sit in my chair, hit.1 button and poof! My iPad is paired to the speaker and ready to listen. Before, I would have a Bluetooth speaker near, but I was too lazy to get up and turn it on I would just use the iPad speakers. Now I have the convenience & most amazing Bluetooth speaker! I also love the pre-sets, makes it so easy to access saved stations, on Internet radio, Pandora, Amazon music, etc. I don't know if I'm wrong, but it seems you can't have different pre-sets on your different speakers. You set them once and they are then pre-sets on all the SoundTouch speakers you have on your network. Set up was really easy. The app walks you through. My speakers had to update right away, but that didn't take very long. My only complaint (and I'm surprised Bose didn't think of this, they usually think of every little thing) is that you can't dim the display. I have one in my bedroom and I'm like princess and the pea about some things, and lights are one of them. If I had the speaker on, the display was too bright and I slept terrible the first night. I ended up buying a sticker off amazon that goes over screens to dim them, but still allows you to see the screen. That fixed my issue (the Bose Wave systems auto dim, which I love) Another thing I noticed, is that the app would not show the name of a song when using Internet radio but the display shows it! The app shows them when using Pandora, etc. It's so smart that when I'm watching YouTube via Bluetooth it even displays the name of the video I'm watching. You don't get the nice display screen on the 10...only the 20 and 30. Wondering why they discontinued the portable SoundTouch (with rechargeable battery) - they should bring that back. One more request in case Bose reads this, lol. I **LOVE** the round volume controller that you can use with the Wave system. Please come out with those for the SoundTouch systems and the sound bars. Nobody wants to use the volume buttons a remote with 40 buttons. That cute little circle that you roll around to turn volume up and down, mute button in the middle and on/off switch is the most useful thing. I use a Wave system on my TV currently, and I will be lost if I ever switch to a soundbar or anything else. It's so nice to hit the mute button when I need to (it's like the "easy" button). Genuis!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Have both systems, buy Sonos


      Bose sound and quality, as far as manufacture, are as expected excellent. However, the wireless and connectivity between speakers has been extremely frustrating. Also, you cannot access iTunes directly over the Bose speakers because Bose does not let you add iTunes as a normal Music service. The only reason I can think of why this is the case, is that Bose is trying to save money. I am sure Apple charges a premium to be able to connect iTunes to a system like sound touch, or Sonos, but I think it is ridiculously short sighted on the part of Bose not to add it. It really limits its use with one of the most popular music services, iTunes. If most of your music is on iTunes, then definitely choose the Sonos, because whatever improvements Bose has made to the SoundTouch quality with their latest system, you will not be able to easily access your music library. You can connect iTunes through airplay, but that causes even more frustration. It is nearly impossible to use airplay with multiple speakers, without constant dropping out of a speaker, or the system simply refusing to work without a complete reset. It is likely that Bose has improved their system. I am using one of the older series, so my experience might be better with the new system. However, I purchased a Sonos system for my office at about the same time, because of my frustration with the SoundTouch system at home and the overall system runs much more smoothly, I never have to reboot, or have any struggle playing multiple speakers, which is just not the case with the Bose system. With the SoundTouch system I am constantly having to reboot, or unplug the speakers and reset them in order to get them to play throughout the house. Even when that works for a while, it will shut down periodically, or one room will drop out, etc. I am using a top line Asus router, on an extremely fast network connection at 5 GHz, that the SoundTouch uses almost exclusively, to try and keep things clean for its wireless connections, and things just simply don’t work well. Also, I believe the Sonos sound quality is just as good as the Bose and connectivity, or speakers dropping out, just never happens. I am in the process of replacing the five SoundTouch speakers I have throughout the house with Sonos.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response


        Hello Jf100. Thank you for taking the time to write your detailed review on the SoundTouch 30 wireless speaker. We are thrilled to hear that you enjoy the audio quality and performance. However, we are sorry to hear about your connection issues that you are experiencing and certainly understand why this may be frustrating. There may be some troubleshooting steps that we can provide and encourage you to please reach out to our technical support team so that we may assist you with finding a solution. Contact information can be found here: You'll want to choose your location, scroll down and select Contact Us. Thank you again for your interest in our Bose products. Have a wonderful day! Ashley - Bose Support Bose

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Awesome Sound

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I bought this for my wife as a Christmas gift. We have an old Sony sound system that sounds great, but no radio or wireless options. She wanted something to listen to radio as well as favorite songs. I read that this unit plays internet radio and is compatible with Pandora. Setup was a breeze. The unit connected by Bluetooth to our phones and tablets without a hitch. Wireless connectivity to the house network was quick as well. Total setup time was about 20 minutes. The app is ok, but I wish that it had more functions. To use Pandora, you have to have the separate app installed on your phone, tablet or computer. Now, as for sound: OUTSTANDING! Highs are crisp, mid-range is enough to broaden the sound without hurting the ears, and bass response is amazing for such a small unit. I put it to the test using a variety of music from classical to rock, hip hop, New Age, big band, and more. It handled all of them with consistently great sound. The unit was able to fill the room with music without distortion or overpowering. We purchased Pandora premium opening a world of music choices. Playback from my Android phone was seamless and easy. These units are expandable to include several other Bose sound touch products and they can play the same music in all rooms or each one with different music. We are definitely expanding to include upstairs and specific rooms. If I had to fault anything, I wish the app had more features, but it wasn't enough of an issue to drop to 4 star rating. Though it's a little pricey, we think the extra $$$ are worth it for the incredible sound. If you want a flexible wireless speaker system that is expandable, the Bose sound touch system is the way to go. I am a musician (50 years+) and very picky about sound systems. Though I'm sure you can spend thousands for an incredible system, this system doesn't break the budget and delivers incredible sound from a small, compact unit.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      The Bose name is synonymous with great sound. The Soundtouch 30 series III certainly lives up to that and more. I listened to the 10, 20 & 30 in a Bose store. The 30 had the best sound for me. I use this unit throughout the day in my home office. I have a SIRIUSXM receiver plugged into the AUX input and my favorite channels sound great. The Soundtouch connects to your home WIFI network for controlling it and also to provide outside connectivity. My biggest surprise was all the extra music features that come built in to the unit: INTERNET RADIO STATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. ADDING A MUSIC LIBRARY (ITUNES, ETC) ADDING A MUSIC SERVICE (deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and just added SIRIUSXM). If you subscribe to SIRIUSXM's online play feature, the recent update will let you enjoy your favorite channels complete with song/artist displaying on the unit. BLUETOOTH (play music from your phone, tablet or computer). A lot of the selections can be saved on one of the six presets located on top of the unit and also included with the APP. Whatever you do, download the APP for your computer, phone or tablet. I can control my Soundtouch from anywhere in my home. If you decide to purchase another Series III device(s), you can link them all together so that the same programming is broadcast throughout your home, or you can have each unit as a standalone device. I realize the price is higher than units with fewer options, but the sound quality is really great. You really need to check one of these out at your closet store. Enjoy!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Its ok....but.....

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Was researching several different speakers. Wanted one to fill large kitchen and maybe share sound into neighboring rooms. Bose 30 has good sound. Other reviewers may doubt the Bose produced sound but I thought it was quite good. Attractive looking device. But, my problem was two fold; the 6 presets didn't facilitate what I wanted. And the App stunk. I thought I could pre-program the buttons to any internet radio station - no, only whats on the app list. The stations I wanted in Milwaukee and Chicago were not listed. Big bummer!. The app was not as user friendly as I hoped. The Best Buy service rep kind of warned me about this, but suggested I try it out and if not satisfied I could return the product within 13 days. He was right. My music library on laptop was NOT easy to consistently link up and play. Too much hassle. And the wifi connection was so-so at best. I ended up playing over bluetooth most of the time. That was not my intent when purchased. For the price, I wanted more out of the speaker. But again, the sound was very good. For my needs and wants, I switched to a Klipsch "The Three". The Play Fi app worked much better for my needs, sound was just as good, if not better. And price was over $100 cheaper. Plus on the Play Fi app I am able to stream over my wifi system the Spotify Free version! That was a big plus for the Klipsch. Sorry Bose, nice product but did not answer my needs.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Still learning

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      This purchase was to basically give me a decent speaker system for my computer. My office is centrally located downstairs in our home and with the Bose SoundTouch on my desk, I can easily hear whatever I'm listening to throughout the entire downstairs. I have Bose radios upstairs and love them, but I think the sound quality from the SoundTouch is even better with no distortion whatsoever at high volume. Operation was very simple from the get-go and pairing with my computer was a snap - simply plug in the USB cable (included), download the software and remove the USB cable. I was able to start listening to internet radio music via wifi immediately and with just the smallest effort was listening to the music in my iTunes folder. I will need to make playlists and that will take a bit more effort - but I had wonderful sounding music within 5 minutes of opening the box - and that's pretty sweet. Still learning though - I want to get Pandora set-up and that's proving to be a tad more difficult. Overall - I'm very happy.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      "Can't beat it for sound quality

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      After reading my review and you are still not convinced, go to Best Buy and crank up the volume for yourself. This Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III wireless music system delivers on every aspect of a dynamic sound system. The sound coming out of this box is beyond belief. You can hear every note and instrument that you would ordinarily miss in other sound systems. If you want thump as well as sound quality, this is it, look no further .Before I wrap this portion up, let me reiterate, the sound is beyond belief. Let talk about something other systems do not possess, six preset station buttons that you can set to anything your heart desire. You can preset stations such as Pandora, Spotify, IHeart , SeriusXM, generate a Playlist, and of course your own music library. This Bose Soundtouch can be operated for your IOS or Android phone, your computer, laptop, and manually, just by pushing one of siix presets. For me, this Bose SoundTouch 15 Series III has one drawback, I wish it came with Lithium batteries. I love to use it outside when I am quilting. It would be nice to just pick it up and go, but because it is plugged in, that is not possible. Considering, what it does have, the positives most certainly, out weight any negatives it possess. It is a most excellent sound system.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great purchase. No buyers remorse here

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I spent several weeks looking at blue tooth speakers. There was no comparison on the sound quality from the big Bose 30 but I had read several negative reviews about connectivity that made me cautious. Initially I was going to buy the Bose 10 speaker but once I listened to all 3 models there was only one choice for me. Yes it costs more but it fills the space I needed it for. It is not portable. Connectivity is great. It unlocks all the different storage areas and the iTunes access requires an iPad or iPhone via the rat tail connector or Bluetooth but with the app to control the speaker on a phone and or an iPad who cares. It works and sounds great. Sure there is competition from Sonos but if you listen to both of them the Bose wins. You can also access music from satellite radio amazon prime etc and a PC on the same network. Awesome. Love it.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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      Bose SoundTouch 30 vs. Sonos Play:5: Which Wi-Fi speaker comes out on top?
      The Bose SoundTouch 30 keeps a good pace for both price and feature count with excellent sound quality -- albeit at moderate volumes.Full Review
    • 11, 2015
      Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III review
      There's no doubt that Bose has some tough competition when it comes to multiroom audio. We've seen some fantastic performers in this area, with a few racking up massive scores. But can the SoundTouch 30 Series III stand up to these titans?Full Review

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