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360fly 4K Video Camera

One Camera. One Lens.
Full 360° Video

With its brilliant 360° 4K output, the 360fly 4K camera features a 16MP image sensor that captures 2880 x 2880p resolution in a full 360° x 240° field of view. It comes with everything you need to start shooting and sharing life in incredibly rich detail, with ease.

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The Powerful New 360fly 4K Is Here

View, explore and experience the new world of 360° 4K video.

Get to Know 360fly 4K

Born in Carnegie Mellon University's Robotic Institute, 360fly is redefining what's possible in video, virtual reality and visual storytelling.

360fly HD is the driving force in a video revolution that is changing how the world captures and shares memories. 360fly 4K combines a new 16-megapixel image sensor with smart camera technology to deliver rich details and powerful features.

The near future includes cameras, drones, apps and devices that will create safer roads, more secure homes and memories as abundant as life itself.

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Available in the App Store. Get it on Google Play.



The 360fly app serves as your 360fly camera's viewfinder, controller and editor, giving you the power to capture, edit and share immersive, interactive 360° HD video directly from your iOS or Android device.

The app also lets those who don't yet own a 360fly interact with full 360° footage from their friends, family members or favorite athletes.

Available in the App Store. Get it on Google Play

Clip Capture

Create interactive, explorable 360° videos — including adding filters, motion sequences and soundtracks. Then share it all on your favorite social media sites. Also share with the 360fly.com community with the push of a button.

Watch Me

Edit 360° video for viewing on standard 16:9 format on Vimeo, Vine, Instagram and other social media sites. Push, pull and swipe to control your view experience in ways that used to cost a small fortune in equipment and software to achieve.

Still Capture

What if you could frame photos from every angle, every POV before pressing the shutter? Now you can. Still Capture gives you the power to snap attention-grabbing stills directly from your 360° footage and share with the push of a button.

The New Reality in Virtual Reality

The reality of affordable VR is here. With the push of a button, 360fly formats your footage for viewing with VR players, including Google Cardboard. Experience it for yourself to see how this new world of video will change everything.