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The Canon EOS SLR system offers full-featured, high-performance cameras that let you express and perfect your photographic skills. Canon EF lenses offer excellent image quality, capturing still images and video with amazing clarity and brilliant colors.

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Shop Canon DSLR Camera Lenses

The new Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera.

From landscapes and wildlife, to weddings or dance performances, versatility is the key to the Canon EOS R. The foundation of this advanced imaging system is an entirely new lens mount, designed for optical excellence today and incredible potential for the future.

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Canon Full Frame DSLR Cameras

Take stunning photographs when you have one of these professional-quality cameras. With a camera sensor that is the same size as 35mm film, you can get the best image quality, including great low-light shots.

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Canon Premium Point & Shoot Cameras

Capture your memories in full HD with these portable premium point-and-shoot cameras. Equipped with 1" camera sensors, get the crisp images you want with the portability you need.

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Find the right printer for you. With enhanced connectivity, great print quality, easy-to-use software and a sleek design, Canon makes choosing a printer easy.

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Shop Canon Lenses by Type

Wide Angle

Capture more of each scene to take dramatic photos of landscapes and skylines. A wide-angle lens is the perfect addition for vacation photography.

Standard Zoom

A standard zoom is your everyday photography lens. Enjoy a versatile focal range and great image quality in a portable design that lets you shoot just about anywhere.


Get close to your subject, even if you're far away. A telephoto lens is the must-have accessory for wildlife photography or sporting events.


Take the kinds of portraits you've always wanted to. Enjoy soft backgrounds, great depth of field, and crisp subjects with a prime lens — also known as a fixed focal length lens.


A macro lens lets you get extremely close to small subjects without sacrificing clarity or image quality. For anyone who wants to explore smaller subjects, it's a great addition to your kit.


Explore all your photographic possibilities with a specialty lens, such as a fish-eye lens for dramatic curves or a panoramic lens for entire landscapes.

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