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  1. Crock-Pot - Express Oval Multi Function Pressure Cooker - Stainless Steel - Angle_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $119.99
  2. Crock-Pot - Crockpot 7 qt. Programmable Slow Cooker with Locking Lid and Little Dipper - Mushroom - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $44.99
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    The previous price was $74.99
  3. Crock-Pot - Express 6-Quart Easy Release Multi-Cooker - Stainless Steel - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $89.99
  4. Crock-Pot - 8-Quart Slow Cooker - Black Stainless - Angle_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $74.99
  5. Crock-Pot - 7qt Digital Slow Cooker - Platinum - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $59.99
  6. Crock-Pot - Cook & Carry Programmable  6-Quart Slow Cooker - Matte Black - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $43.99
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    The previous price was $49.99
  7. Crock-Pot - 6-Quart Manual Slow Cooker - Black Stainless Steel - Front_Zoom
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    The previous price was $34.99
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  9. Crock-Pot - Cook & Carry Programmable 7-Quart Slow Cooker with Easy Clean - Black Stainless Steel - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $79.99

Buying a Crock-Pot.

Crock-Pots: prep it and leave it.

Cooking with a Crock-Pot is as easy as placing food in the crock and setting the temperature. After dinner clean-up can be easier too since the entire meal has been cooked in one dish. Since you don't have to monitor your dinner as it cooks, you can take care of other chores around the house or play with your kids. Or you can prepare additional items for the meal by using bakeware to make a side dish casserole, or cookware to prepare cornbread or vegetables.


What kinds of food can you prepare with your Crock-Pot?

You can find an unlimited number of comfort foods for Crock-Pot recipes online, or you can just use your imagination to create stews, soups, roast beef and potatoes and carrots combos and more. Your Crock-Pot is ideal for tenderizing budget-friendly cuts of meat like beef chuck, rump roast and pork shoulder. If you do prepare a lot of meats in your Crock-Pot, you may also want to get an electric carving knife to help you prepare individual servings for both family and guests.


Crock-Pots: what you should know.

Sometimes the terms slow cooker and Crock-Pot are used interchangeably, but not all slow cookers carry the Crock-Pot brand. Slow cookers include a pot, glass lid and a heating element, utilizing moist heat to cook food over longer periods of time. The Crock-Pot slow cooker has a stoneware pot surrounded by a heating element, while some slow cookers use a metal pot instead. You may need to decide between a Crock-Pot, pressure cooker, or another specialized small appliance like a rice cooker. Pressure cookers cook food quickly, Crock-Pots, slowly, and rice cookers are designed to create perfect rice, simply. Consider getting a spice grinder to season your dishes before you put them on the table.


Choosing the best Crock Pot for you.

To select the best Crock-Pot for you, consider how you intend to use it: How big is your family? Do you need an 8-quart or 6-quart Crock-Pot, or, will a small Crock-Pot with a 3-quart capacity do the trick? If you live alone, or use it primarily to make dips for parties, you may find that a mini Crock-Pot is big enough. Do you need a programmable Crock-Pot so you can delay start time and set and end time, or will an original design with only high and low temperature options suffice? Do you want an appliance with a keep warm setting or a cool-touch exterior? Regardless of what you’re looking for in a Crock-Pot, you can find it among the feature-packed models at Best Buy.


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