Innovation & Achievement in Photography

From innovative mirrorless models with cutting-edge technology, to fashionable and functional fixed-lens compacts, to instant film cameras, there's a Fujifilm camera to satisfy every kind of photographer.

The Definition of Pure Photography

Fujifilm X Series Cameras

Fujifilm X Series digital cameras put the power of professional photography into the palm of your hand. With fixed or interchangeable lens bodies, the compact and user-friendly X Series lineup delivers photography in its purest form.

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Go Further Than Ever Before

Fujifilm FinePix Cameras

Waterproof. Shockproof. Freezeproof. Dustproof. Push the limits of your life's greatest adventures. FinePix ultimate performance digital cameras can capture video and boast Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you shoot remotely through your smartphone, easily transfer images to mobile devices, or print directly from the Instax Share printer.

Because Life Happens Instantly

Fujifilm Instax Instant Cameras

Fujifilm Instax instant film cameras help you chronicle your life with wonderful, one-of-a-kind photos that you can watch develop. They're perfect for sharing life's moments as they happen. Share an original with Instax.

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