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Major appliances, GE

GE appliances.

Continuing a legacy of innovation.

GE slate appliances.

Rich and elegant stone-inspired finish.

Inspired by stone, this slate finish provides an elegant, modern and easy-to-clean surface as an alternative to stainless steel.

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GE appliance innovations.

Real life. Real connection.

Every day is different. Wi-Fi Connect appliances deliver real, everyday convenience for real, everyday moments like this:

  • Get notifications when your refrigerator's water filter needs changing
  • Schedule hot water for your morning cup of coffee — from your refrigerator
  • Use Amazon Dash replenishment to automatically order dishwasher pods or laundry supplies
  • Use your voice — and Amazon Alexa — to preheat the oven
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GE Café series.

When you want restaurant-inspired design elements, trust these appliances with inspired aesthetics and impressive power that mimic great restaurants.

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GE Profile series.

These appliances feature a modern style with clean lines, minimal curves and a streamlined look that you can mix, match and make your own.

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Featured GE technology

Keurig brewing system

Enjoy the unexpected convenience of hot single-serve brewing at your refrigerator.

French door wall oven

Inspired by commercial kitchen designs, this oven features one-handed opening of both oven doors at the same time.

Advantium speed cook oven

Cook your meals faster than a conventional oven with no preheating. Advantium wall ovens also feature a microwave-only mode.

Induction cooktops

Induction technology combines the responsiveness of a gas cooktop with the advantage of a cooler cooking surface.

Dishwasher bottle jets

Powerful jets direct water deep inside tall containers like baby bottles and sport bottles to clean even the most elusive areas.

Top-loading washers with agitator

The dual-action agitator and Deep Fill water level option on these traditional top-load washers let you do laundry your way.

Slide-in ranges

Gas and electric slide-in ranges have no backsplash, providing a more integrated, built-in look.

Deep clean silverware jets

Powerful jets blast away stuck-on food, leaving silverware that's always spotless — no matter how you load the silverware basket.

Precise fill refrigerator

This refrigerator dispenses filtered water in accurate measurements for easy food and drink preparation.

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