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Husqvarna Automower

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A Great Lawn, Automatically

Let the Husqvarna Automower
Do The Work For You

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Lawn mower

Effortless Lawn Mowing

The perfect carpet-like lawn, without weeds, is created by frequent mowing. But who has time for that? Husqvarna's robotic Automower cuts your grass for you, around the clock, rain or shine, leaving you free to do other things. It's perfect for small to large lawns and it can cut in rough terrain and slopes up to 35%.

The Husqvarna Automower is currently available at the following Best Buy stores:

Lawn mower

How Does It Work?

The Automower system consists of three parts: the mower, the charging station and the boundary wire. Place the boundary wire along your property line and around flowerbeds, picnic tables and other portions you don't want cut. You then just set the cutting schedule and let the Automower do the work.

The Automower stores on the charging station until it's scheduled to cut and will return to the station at the end of the mowing session or if it needs a charge. The robotic mower is also equipped with an attentive anti-theft system and built-in safety measures for additional peace of mind.

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Optimal Cutting Results

The Husqvarna Automower features razor-sharp blades that cut the grass gently from all directions helping it to grow strong, achieving a beautiful and carpet-like look. Cuttings are small enough that you won't need to rake the clippings, adding fertilization back to the soil.

The Automower's blade system provides for efficient operation and extremely low energy consumption allowing the mower to operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional lawn mowers. And, because it is electrically powered, the robotic mower produces no harmful emissions.

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Set It and Forget It

With the convenient setting control panel, your robot mower allows you to set it and forget it. And through the Automower Connect, you can receive your Automower's current status and send "Start", "Stop" and "Park" commands to the mower from anywhere in the world.