Michael Kors Access Smartwatches

Michael Kors Access

Connection that's effortless. Receive important notifications at a glance and track fitness goals with touch-screen and hybrid smartwatches. Compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

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The Hybrid Smartwatch

An analog essential with a tech twist. Smartphone notifications, activity tracking, music and camera controls let you manage your life in dual time zones with no charging required.

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The Touch-Screen Smartwatch

Designed by Michael Kors. Powered by Android Wear. The timepiece you need for the lifestyle you want. Touch-screen functionality, smartphone notifications, activity tracking, and customizable dials and straps take this smartwatch from day to night.

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Mix. Match. Go.

With countless ways to customize your touch-screen smartwatch, you can change your display as often as you change your mood. Interchangeable bands mean more ways to make it yours.

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