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Watch 94 of the Top 100 TV Shows for Free

Get Free Local TV Broadcasts with an HDTV Antenna

Discover Mohu, the cord-cutting company. Their line of HDTV antennas, including the Best Buy-exclusive Mohu Arc, offers powerful over-the-air reception whether you live in the city or in the suburbs. Enjoy local news, sporting events, and more from networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, and Univision.

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Sleek and Sophisticated

Mohu Arc Brings Style and Performance

Mohu Arc offers a fresh look to indoor antennas, while delivering the same great performance as Mohu's famous Leaf antenna. There's no reason an antenna in your living room shouldn't be both highly functional and beautiful. Easy to plug in and set up, Arc allows you to quickly enjoy crisp, clear TV broadcasts for free.

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Need a Signal Boost?

With Antennas, Bigger Is Better

Mohu Leaf Supreme has all the power of an outdoor antenna with the simplicity of an indoor antenna. Boasting a radius of up to 65 miles, Leaf Supreme picks up more channels than ever before while SignaLift technology pulls in VHF and UHF channels that can't be reached with a standard indoor antenna.

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Cut the Cord, Keep the Experience

Antennas + Your Favorite Streaming Device = No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

Combine your HDTV antenna with compatible streaming devices and services to enjoy a complete TV entertainment experience without contracts or hidden fees. Use the Cord Cutting Tool, powered by Mohu, to find the best antenna and streaming combination to fit your budget and TV viewing preferences.

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