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Philips Hue.

Light your home the smart way.

Philips Hue is a smart lighting system that enables you to wirelessly control the lights of your home. Philips Hue can welcome you home, wake you up, get you energized, help you feel safe, improve your mood and much more.

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Step into smart lighting with Philips Hue.

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Smart lighting in living room

Automate your lights
for easy control and comfort.

Controlling lights with smartphone

Smart control
with your smartphone, tablet or voice.

Controlling lights with smartwatch

Set timers
for your convenience.

Controlling lights remotely

Away from home control
to adjust your lights from anywhere.

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Light your outdoors smarter.

Imagine your backyard changing into a colorful wonderland with a touch of your smartphone. Or your driveway lights turning on the moment you arrive home. Install outdoor lights that connect to the Philips Hue smart lighting system and enjoy the endless possibilities of bringing your outdoor space to life with light. For some applications, warm white light is all you need. For others, you may want to add a pop of color, selecting from 16 million colors or a predefined scene in the Philips Hue app. It's all within your control.

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Smart lighting and voice assistant, works with Amazon Alexa, works with Apple HomeKit, works with Google Assistant and Google Home

Control lights with
your voice.

Control your Philips Hue lights hands-free with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home. Turn your lights on or off, dim the lights, change colors and more.

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Immerse yourself in Philips Hue.

Sync your lights to movies, music and games to create the ultimate entertainment experience. Download third-party apps and discover the amazing things you can do with Philips Hue.

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Enhance your home with Hue lights.

Conveniently illuminate your entire home in a wide array of colors with adjustable Hue lights that can be controlled via your smartphone. Philips Hue lights are a creative way to enhance any room with smart accent lighting. Plus, by pairing your Hue lights with smart speakers, you can use voice commands to control them, along with other smart home devices. Besides adding interest and ambiance to your surroundings, Philips smart lights can also be programmed on a schedule to give the illusion that someone is at home when you’re traveling, which provides peace of mind. Another popular place to use Philips smart lights is on your patio or deck. This allows you to set the mood for a relaxing backyard hangout with Philips Hue outdoor lights in your outdoor living space. No matter how you intend to enjoy their benefits, Best Buy carries a wide selection of indoor and outdoor Hue lights to create the ideal ambiance in any living space. 

Getting the most out of your Philips Hue products.

When you bring your Hue lights home, you’ll start the setup process by connecting them to your Wi-Fi network. Then you’ll be able to turn lights off and on, dim them and change their colors. Aside from everyday lighting needs, you can create the ultimate entertainment experience by syncing your Philips Hue devices with movies and games on your flat-screen TV. To immerse yourself in sound and color, have your Hue lights change in rhythm with the music flowing out of your smart speakers. Plus, you can use the same speakers to operate your Philips Hue products with convenient voice commands. If you prefer to use the remote control, be sure to keep plenty of batteries on hand so there’s no interruption in use. Another way to maximize your enjoyment is to download third-party apps on your tablet or phone and discover more creative ideas to get the most out of your Hue lights.