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SOL Republic Shadow Wireless

SOL Republic Shadow Wireless

Feels Invisible, Sounds Incredible

"Music helps me focus. It inspires me to work harder and get better every day." — Tiger Woods

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Beauty Comes Standard

Stunning and lightweight, Shadow is unlike any other wireless headphones. If you want to consider it a piece of jewelry, we wouldn't argue with you. From its metallic terminals to the beautiful integrated buttons, it's a real smooth statement piece. You will like how soft Shadow feels around your neck, or in your hands.

Wear It All Day

Shadow will fit you better than most of your jeans. Light in weight to rest comfortably on your neck. Fully flexible, it follows your body's movements. A minimalistic design that blends with any style. The minute you put it on, you'll forget you're wearing it and will keep it around your neck all day. It will be ready to play music whenever you want it.

The Next Generation in Wireless Sound

As soon as you play music, you will be surprised at how great Shadow sounds. Shadow delivers powerful sound from a compact design, with a balance of rich bass and detailed highs that brings out the best in all types of music. These Bluetooth wireless earphones deliver CD-quality audio so you can finally enjoy your music and crystal clear phone calls that sound better than many wired headphones.

More Control. Less Stress

Leave your phone in your pocket or in your purse. Music and talk controls are directly accessible on Shadow's collar. With a quick touch, turn the volume up or down, play or pause your music, or answer an incoming call. Minimalist but not minimal. Control up to two devices simultaneously — for example, your laptop and a phone — and never miss a call while you are listening to your music. Take control and leave the stress behind.