Sonos Systems


The Home Sound System

The Sonos wireless Home Sound System fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding music. Their full range of speakers are easy to set up for streaming high-quality music via Wi-Fi, or for outstanding TV and movie sound.

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What's on Your TV Is Only as Good as What Your TV Is on

The Sonos PLAYBASE brings intense, full-theater sound to all your movies, TV shows, sports and gaming.
Plus, it wirelessly streams your favorite music.

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Speaker with mobile device, Wi-Fi signal

Easy Setup

No wires or complicated programming. Just tap the Sonos app and it does the rest.

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Wi-Fi, Not Bluetooth

Sonos streams music from your Wi-Fi network instead of your phone, without interruptions from calls, texts or push notifications.

Speakers, Wi-Fi signal

Any Song, Any Room

Play different tunes in different rooms at the same time. Or share one song throughout the house. Stream songs and control it all with the Sonos app.

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The Longer You Own it, the Better it Gets

Your Sonos system keeps getting smarter with every software update. New services get added, new features get introduced, so the speaker you buy today is even more incredible tomorrow.

The Right Speaker for Any Room

Start small or go big. There's a Sonos speaker that will fit any room in your home.



Small Is Beautiful

PLAY:1 is the smallest Sonos speaker. It's a perfect fit for bookshelves, counters and other snug places. Now you can enjoy great-sounding music anywhere in your home.


At Home in Any Room

PLAY:3 delivers richer, more robust sound and deeper bass than PLAY:1. Plus, it can play in stereo. It's just right for bedrooms, home offices, the garage, rec rooms or wherever you need a great soundtrack.


Sound That Will Knock Your Socks Off

PLAY:5 is the speaker for attention-obsessive audiofiles and hardcore music lovers. It's the biggest and best-sounding speaker from Sonos. So, whether you have a big room to fill with music, or a discerning ear for divine sound, the PLAY:5 has you covered.

Home Theater for Music Lovers

Complete your cinematic experience with Sonos home theater speakers that deliver powerful sound, deep bass and wireless connectivity.



The Home Theater Sound Bar and Streaming Music Speaker in One

PLAYBAR delivers cinematic sound for all your movies, TV shows and games. Plus, it wirelessly streams your favorite music.


Full-Theater Sound for TVs on Stands and Furniture

The slim, low-profile design practically vanishes beneath your screen, yet amps up movies, TV shows and games with sound you just can't miss. It also wirelessly streams your favorite music.


Add Deep, Dynamic Bass to Any Sonos Setup

The Sonos SUB's ultra-deep, soul-shaking lows allow your other Sonos speakers to focus on the mid- and high-range frequencies. You won't just hear the difference, you'll feel it.

Choose Your Sonos Surround Sound Solution

Get full-theater Hi-Fi sound for TV, movies and your world of music, with a 2-room starter kit, or 3.1- and 5.1-channel surround sound.


3.1 Home Theater System

Includes the Sonos PLAYBAR and SUB, or PLAYBASE and SUB for a seamless home theater experience you can control via the Sonos Controller app on your smartphone.


5.1 Home Theater System

Includes the Sonos PLAYBAR, SUB and a pair of PLAY:1 speakers, or PLAYBASE, SUB and a pair of PLAY:1 speakers.


2-Room Starter Sets

Includes two wireless PLAY:1 speakers, or PLAY: 5 speakers for any two rooms in your home — in white or black.