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Make the Most of Your
Mobile Life

Person dropping phone on steps, invisible shield
invisible shield

Powerful Impact Protection

Don't worry about a shattered screen. Combining military-grade components with new technologies, InvisibleShield screen protectors are designed to absorb and distribute the shock of an impact, keeping your screen intact even in extreme environments.

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Wireless Tech That
Breaks the Confines of the Traditional Workspace

ZAGG keyboards feature laptop-style keys, Bluetooth multipairing capabilities, and supreme protection. ZAGG’s wireless tech solutions enhance and protect tablets and other mobile devices so users can feel confident about taking their technology on the road.

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Man typing on laptop
Woman using headphones

The Sound of Freedom: Quality Audio for All

IFROGZ headphones deliver features consumers want — like wireless controls, Bluetooth, and quality sound — while eliminating anything that needlessly inflates costs so everyone can enjoy affordable, quality audio.

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