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Wireless Speakers Buying Guide.

If you love music, you'll want options for when you're on the go or at home. For a speaker that is easy to take with you and runs on a rechargeable battery, check out our portable Bluetooth speakers. Many are waterproof, perfect for poolside parties or a day at the beach. On the other hand, for in-home audio you'll want a wireless multiroom speaker set. These connect to your home Wi-Fi for high-quality music streaming. Often, you can pair multiple speakers for whole-home audio, ideal for hosting or staying in with a movie.

Benefits of portable Bluetooth speakers.

  • Share audio on the go.

    Be ready for an impromptu party in the park, relax with an inspiring playlist on the deck, and enjoy crisp, clear audio when you're listening to a podcast. Portable Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, so you can find the right match for your unique lifestyle.

    Listen to music on a long bike ride, enjoy clear sound while you watch TV shows and movies, or finish an audio book while you work around the house — all wirelessly and without interruption. Waterproof speakers expand the places you can go. Rugged designs let you clip on a speaker while hiking or biking, or bring one to the beach, the ballgame or camping.

  • Rich audio experience.

    Bluetooth speakers are small without sacrificing sound quality. Even with their compact size and easy portability, they're designed with built-in amplifiers to deliver full-range audio whenever you want.

Features of portable Bluetooth speakers.

  • Voice control

    Combines great sound with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana voice assistant. So, along with streaming music from your mobile device, you'll have your own personal assistant to get you the latest news, order a product or operate other smart home devices just by using your voice. You can also make almost any speaker voice-control compatible, using the Amazon Echo Input. This device connects to your speaker with standard 3.5mm audio cable, or via Bluetooth, so you can ask Alexa to play a song, check the weather, set timers, and more — all with your voice.

  • Waterproof designs

    Choose a wireless speaker that can keep pace with your active life by surviving stormy weather, spilled drinks, and drops into puddles. From the pool to the beach, to all your outdoor adventures, a rugged Bluetooth speaker will keep the playlist going wherever you are. Some models are even submersible, so they can survive an accidental plunge into the pool or the lake.

  • Charge your device

    If you aren't near an electrical outlet, you can still charge your device via some portable speakers. Using the battery power of the speaker, a built-in USB port allows you to plug in your charger — so you can maintain power on the go. Some portable speakers feature a wireless charging capability called QI charging. This feature lets you charge QI-enabled devices like phones and tablets right from your speaker, so you can keep the music going longer.

  • AM/FM radio tuner

    Maybe you like tuning in to the big game while you're out and about, or you'd like to check in with the news and weather on your favorite radio station. No problem. Some portable Bluetooth speakers have built-in radio tuners that let you easily switch to over-the-air broadcasts.

  • Party lights

    When the sun goes down, the lights turn up. Wait. The lights? Yes, some portable Bluetooth models feature built-in party lights to complete your party's ambience. Choose from multicolored lights, strobes, and lights that sync with the music. Party lights are the perfect way to add some visual flare to your music playlist.

Benefits of wireless
multiroom speakers.


Now that you're all set to bring music wherever you go with a portable Bluetooth speaker, maybe it's time to upgrade the sound inside your home. The right set of wireless multiroom speakers lets you control the music in every room of the house from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or even with just your voice. Choose to play different songs in different rooms or play the same track throughout the home. These speakers are the perfect way to bring high-quality sound to any occasion — movie nights on the couch, game-day gatherings, or big parties. And, it all happens without the hassle or clutter of wires. Looking for even more convenience? These days, there are plenty of speakers featuring voice control from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Just say the name of a song, or ask for the weather report and your speakers will play your request.

Setup is easy.

    Any time you're considering an entertainment upgrade, a big question is always, "How difficult will this be?" With wireless multiroom speakers, setup is generally easy. Each brand varies slightly, but it comes down to a few steps. First, make sure every speaker is set up within range of your home's Wi-Fi network. Then, download the free app that you can find listed in the speaker instructions.

    From there, just follow the directions to connect your speaker to your network and start enjoying quality sound in every room. Whether you're adding stand-alone speakers to rooms throughout the house or including a wireless sound bar to your home theater system, set up will be simple.

Find the right wireless
multiroom system.


A wireless multiroom system allows you to access and control all the audio you've stored to your home network, plus listen to internet services like Spotify and iHeartRadio. Most multiroom systems need only a single speaker and your wireless router to get started, and you can customize each room according to the way you listen. Here are some things to keep in mind to find the perfect system for you:

  • Decide how many rooms in your house to include and then choose speakers according to the size of each room
  • Easily set up speakers in different rooms of the house so you can listen whenever, wherever you want
  • Turn on a song in the kitchen and keep listening as you walk through your living room, bedroom, or even out on the patio, or play different songs on each speaker
  • Connect each speaker to multiple devices, like smartphones, tablets, and more
  • Choose speakers that give you access to your favorite services, like Pandora or SiriusXM Radio
  • Find speakers offering convenient voice control from Amazon Alexa or Google Assitant
  • Look for Wi-Fi connectivity for better sound quality than compressed audio coming from Bluetooth connections

Choosing your speaker.

  • Where will you listen?

    Stay entertained wherever you are, from a party to the pool to your own backyard. Bluetooth and wireless multiroom speakers make it easy to listen to music, watch movies, play games and more, whether you're traveling, heading outside, or staying in.

    Features you'll need Waterproof or weather-resistant Big sound that everyone can enjoy High sound quality and stylish appearance Great sound with a built-in voice assistant
  • Size and style options

    Portable speakers are available in a variety of weights and shapes, designed to be packed in a bag, stowed in your pocket or carried by an attached handle. You'll even find speakers with pulsing lights that add extra ambience to your audio. Plus, optional covers and cases make for a custom listening experience. Wireless multiroom speakers, on the other hand, can be placed throughout your home, bringing high-quality sound to any room.

Shop online or in store.

Find a wide variety of Bluetooth and wireless multiroom speakers on Your local Best Buy store also has a selection of wireless speakers. Plus, our friendly Blue Shirts are there to answer questions and help with choosing the best Bluetooth speaker for your needs.