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Whether you're shopping for a complete home theater experience or looking to add to your existing setup, we have advice about TVs, home theater sound and video, wireless audio and much more.

Home Theater Audio

  • Sound bars

    These sleek speakers offer a convenient alternative to setting up multiple speakers around your home theater space, as you can place a single sound bar in front of/below your TV or mount one on the wall. Many sound bars also come with a separate wired or wireless subwoofer for rich bass sound, which can be placed out of sight and still provide full impact. For an even bigger sound, premium sound bars include up to seven individual speakers.

  • Home theater in a box

  • These systems offer everything you need for true surround-sound audio in a single package.

    The most common systems offer 5.1-channel surround sound (the "5" signifies how many speakers are included and the ".1" signifies one subwoofer). The typical setup would include:

    • A left and right speaker on either side of your TV for the soundtrack and special effects
    • A center-channel speaker in front of/below your TV for dialogue and other on-screen action
    • Two rear speakers for atmospheric and directional sound effects
    • A subwoofer usually placed off to the side/in the corner for deeper bass

    7.1-channel systems are also very popular, and usually add side speakers for a more complete surround-sound effect.

    All of these systems either include a dedicated A/V receiver or a Blu-ray player. If you don't need either of these, you can also just choose a speaker system package.

    • Build your own system

    • Choosing components individually lets you select the features you want, and build your setup over time if you need to. This can be especially important when choosing an individual receiver, as you may want a higher-end model that can process 3D signals for 3D TV, or ultra high-definition signals for a 4K Ultra HD TV purchase down the road.

      If you demand high-quality audio for your music collection, you could start with two powerful floor speakers for rich stereo sound. Later on, as you build your home theater system, you can add a center-channel speaker for clearer movie dialogue, add a subwoofer for even more powerful bass, and finally purchase rear speakers for the full surround-sound experience.

Home Theater Video

  • Blu-ray players

  • If you want to watch HD movies at their highest level of definition on a 1080p HDTV, then a Blu-ray player and Blu-ray discs are the way to go.

    Blu-ray players can upconvert your standard-definition DVDs to near-HD quality, play CDs, and most can stream a huge variety of movies, videos and music from the Internet through content providers like Netflix,* Hulu Plus* and Pandora. Make sure to choose a player that has built-in Wi-Fi if you want to connect wirelessly.

    An increasing number of players offer 3D Blu-ray disc playback when connected to a 3D TV. Some can even upscale content to 4K Ultra HD for those with 4K Ultra HD TVs.

    So, overall, if you're building a high-quality home theater experience, stepping up to a Blu-ray player from a DVD player is strongly advised.

  • Standalone streaming players

  • Another great option for watching your favorite shows and movies is a standalone streaming media player, like Roku, Apple TV, NeoTV, WD TV Live and many others. Each product offers a different set of capabilities, but they all allow you to stream HD and Full HD content when connected to your home network.

    Get access to popular streaming media services like Netflix,* Hulu Plus,* Pandora and an ever widening variety of other free and subscription-based content providers. Each streaming player offers a unique menu of content, so make sure you research which media services are available with each product.

  • Other video devices

  • Specialty products like Slingbox or TiVo allow you to watch and control your home TV and all of its live programming over the Internet on your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or other smart TV. For example, connect the Slingbox to your DVR, digital cable set-top box or satellite receiver and watch your home programming from anywhere.

    *Subscription required.

Smart Home Theater

Get a world of connectivity and streaming entertainment from smart TVs, Blu-ray players, streaming players, A/V receivers, sound bars and gaming consoles.

  • Connect your products, get innovative control

    Smart technology is opening up exciting new possibilities, including:

    • Share content with your tablet or smartphone, so you can watch what you want, where you want
    • Use voice, hand motion, a mobile device or keyboard to control your TV
    • Get content recommendations based on the movies and TV shows you watch

    A world of entertainment

    Connect to your home network and stream a huge range of movies, videos and music from popular services like Netflix,* Hulu Plus,* Pandora and YouTube (a smart sound bar or A/V receiver will likely offer music services and satellite radio).

    Many smart TVs include a full Web browser, so you can surf the Web right on your TV screen. See our product detail pages for the "smart " features included with each smart product.

    *Subscription required.

  • Internet speed

    Even with a smart device, the speed of your Internet network is going to be crucial for streaming HD movies, videos and other content. So for the best performance, we recommend:

    • A wireless-N router or wireless-N plus router
    • At least 5Mbps download speed when using a single device

    Without the proper speed from your Internet provider, your HD content will likely keep stopping and starting due to buffering. Also, remember that if you have multiple devices using the Internet at the same time (TVs, computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.), your speed requirement for streaming HD content can increase to 10Mbps or more.

Wireless and Multiroom Audio

Free yourself from cables and send your music all around your home. Wireless speakers and wireless audio systems are a great solution for streaming music, radio stations and podcasts to any room you desire.

Some of the more popular wireless audio systems are expandable (from companies like Sonos and Bose) so you can always add a new speaker and extend the reach of your music. These systems allow you to easily control your music using a smartphone or tablet, play different audio over each speaker, or hear the same song everywhere.

Wireless speakers use technology like Bluetooth, AirPlay or Wi-Fi to receive audio signals from compatible devices. Many of these speakers are quite compact, which makes them easy to place in any room of your house. In general, you'll need to plug in most wireless and multiroom audio products, but you won't need additional cables, as the audio content will be wirelessly streamed.

Home Theater Accessories

  • Connecting with HDMI

  • HDMI is an all-digital cable and the finest connection available for HDMI-ready TVs, Blu-ray players, A/V receivers, gaming consoles and more. HDMI carries both the picture and sound over one convenient cable, which means your home theater setup can be much simpler and cleaner.

    For the best possible performance, make sure to purchase a high-speed HDMI cable. More expensive cables are made of higher-quality materials and come with a higher data transfer speed rating measured in Gigabytes Per Second (Gbps). This allows more bandwidth for streaming 4K Ultra HD content and helps to ensure signal purity, which is especially important when running cable over longer distances.

    To find the proper length cable to fit your needs, make sure to consider the distance between your HD components and the TV. Choose an in-wall rated cable if you intend to run your connection through walls (for example, when the TV is mounted and you want a clean look). Look for cables that come with extra-tight connectors, which are important for keeping things secure when using products like a full-motion TV mount.

    • Universal remote controls

    • Simplify your home theater experience with a universal remote than can control all of your home theater devices. Features like one-touch access to your favorite channels and activities make it even easier to get to your desired content.

      Consider how many devices you need the remote to control and where they are placed. RF-capable universal remotes with RF extenders allow you to control devices that are behind closed doors, walls and inside cabinets.

      • Surge protectors

      • Protect your home theater equipment and increase your available outlets with a surge protector. More Joules equals more protection from electric surges. Some surge protectors also include power conditioning technology, which can help improve the quality of your power. Some even offer energy-saving technology which powers off devices when the main component is shut down or goes into standby.

        Power hubs are smaller units that can be used in rooms with limited space, like bedrooms and kitchens. They will help prevent circuit overloading and usually include USB ports to charge mobile devices.

TV Mounting and Furniture

  • TV mounting

    Place your TV up on the wall for a sleek, modern look. It will save you space, give you improved viewing angles and secure your screen to avoid tipping issues. TV mount options include:

  • Full motion

    These mounts extend, retract, tilt and swivel in all directions, so they are often the best choice for most homes. They are recommended when multiple viewing positions are desired or when a room shape or window location makes it difficult to properly situate a TV.

  • Tilting

    This type of mount tilts up or down for better viewing from a couch, bed or floor. They are recommended when reflections from windows or lighting interfere with TV viewing or when multiple viewing angles are desired.

  • Fixed position

    This mount attaches nearly flush to the wall to maximize the sleek, thin lines of flat-panel TVs. They are recommended when the TV needs to be positioned close to the wall and at a fixed height, and seating is within the optimum viewing range.

    • Furniture

      Add style and storage to your entertainment space with TV stands (including versatile 3-in-1 options), speaker stands, A/V component towers, media racks, home theater seating and much more.

      Furniture designs range from traditional to contemporary, with metal/glass, solid wood and veneer options, as well as more affordable choices like MDF laminate.

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