Classic TV Collection: Fury & The Painted Stallion [3 Discs] [DVD]

The collection of episodes from two classic western shows contains 23 episodes of Fury, the long-running series about an orphan and the black horse given to him by his foster father and 12 episodes of the Painted Stallion, a serial set in the Old West, where a former official tries to sabotage a trade agreement between Mexico and the U.S.
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The Painted Stallion: The Rider of the Stallion
In chapter two of Republic's The Painted Stallion, United States envoy Clark Stuart manages to roll out of the way of the attacking Comanches. The mysterious girl rider (Julia Thayer), meanwhile, saves the wagon train when one of her whistling arrows kills the Comanche chief (Chief Big Tree). As the train continues its journey, Stuart is ambushed by the nasty Bull Smith (Charles King), but is once again saved by the Rider's whistling arrows. Bad weather makes the crossing of a raging river a difficult task that becomes even more so when one of Smith's men, Macklin (Maston Williams), manages to stow away in Elmer's (Lou Fulton) prairie schooner. Stuart, who has taken over the reigns from the stuttering hillbilly, is knocked unconscious and as episode two reaches its conclusion, the wagon slowly sinks. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: Avalanche
Knocked unconscious from the fall and in danger of drowning, Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) is rescued by the Mystery Rider (Julia Thayer), who then assigns a mountain lion to guard him while she rides for help on the Stallion. Their plan to kill Stuart having failed, Bull Smith (Charles King) and Macklin (Maston Williams) arrange for a secret accomplice, Oldham (George DeNormand), to lead the wagon train into a trap at Hondo Gap. Suspicious of Oldham's intentions, Stuart arrives too late to prevent Macklin from lighting the fuse to a keg of gunpowder and half the mountainside comes crashing down. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: The Whistling Arrow
Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) rescues the governor's coach in his usual spectacular manner and His Excellency (Gordon DeMain) promises to sign the trade agreement with the United States as soon as the villainous lieutenant governor, Dupray (LeRoy Mason), and his renegades have been captured. In his secret mountain hideaway, Dupray is plotting how to steal the governmental seal that will restore him to power in Santa Fe, unaware that the Rider (Julia Thayer) is watching the entrance to the cave. Alerted by one of her whistling arrows, the wagon train crew catches Topek (Greg Whitespear) and Zamorro (Duncan Renaldo) in the process of breaking into the governor's office but the latter manages to escape. Stuart takes up the chase but walks right into one of Dupray's fiendish traps. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: Trail to Empire
In the opening chapter of Republic's The Painted Stallion, a mysterious Indian girl rider (Julia Thayer) on a beautiful paint uses whistling arrows as warnings of impending attacks by Indians or white outlaws. In Independence, MO, meanwhile, Walter Jamison (Hoot Gibson) is readying the very first wagon train bound for Santa Fe, NM. Along for the ride are Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan), a United States representative headed for trade negotiations with the new Mexican envoy; Jim Bowie (Hal Taliaferro), the legendary inventor of the knife that bears his name; young Christopher Carson (Sammy McKim), a stowaway and wannabe scout whom Stuart nicknames "Kit"; and hillbilly cousins Oscar (Ed Platt) and Elmer (Lou Fulton). En route, the train is met by Bull Smith (Charles King), an envoy from the soon-to-be deposed Spanish lieutenant governor of New Mexico, Alfredo Dupray (LeRoy Mason), who is planning to sabotage the negotiations by substituting Clark Stuart with one of his own men. While Smith cunningly proposes to guide the train into Santa Fe, Dupray's aide, Zamorro (Duncan Renaldo), incites the Comanches to revolt. In the ensuing melee, Stuart is separated from the train but a whistling arrow from the Rider alerts him to the danger. The warning may have come too late however; thrown from his horse, Stuart finds himself right in the path of the attacking Comanches. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: Human Targets
Although Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) survives the avalanche, he is captured by Dupray (LeRoy Mason), along with Jim Bowie (Hal Taliaferio), Davy Crockett (Jack Perrin), and the Rider (Julia Thayer). All are strung up like lights on a Christmas tree and used as human shields. Happily, Clark and his friends are saved in the nick of time by the stallion, who kills the evil Dupray. The renegades finally defeated, the Mexican governor (Gordon DeMain) readily signs the trade agreement with the United States. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: Trail Treachery
Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) is thrown clear of the gunpowder wagon before it explodes. Meanwhile, back in Santa Fe, young Kit Carson (Sammy McKim) overhears a plot to substitute the new governor with Juan (Henry Hale), one of Lieutenant Governor Dupray's (LeRoy Mason) own men. A three-way gun duel -- between Macklin (Maston Williams) and his men, the government soldiers, and the wagon train crew -- ensues and Stuart takes up the chase to save the real governor (Gordon DeMain) from a runaway stage. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: Tunnel of Terror
While tumbling into a deep ravine (which, unaccountably, turns into a precipice), Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) manages to grab hold of a shrub and is eventually saved by the Rider (Julia Thayer) and her stallion. While Jim Bowie (Hal Taliaferio), Jamison (Hoot Gibson), and Davy Crockett (Jack Perrin) lead an attack against the enemy's mountain stronghold, Clark is literally working from the inside, having been shown the tunnel entrance to the hideout by the Rider. Unfortunately, the hero arrives just as Dupray (LeRoy Mason) and his men create another rockslide. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: The Fatal Message
Having fallen into one of Dupray's traps, Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) finds himself in a deep ravine. Smartly, he manages to alert the Mystery Rider (Julia Thayer) by using smoke signals. Meanwhile, Dupray (LeRoy Mason) assigns an underling, Augie (Augie Gomez), to deliver a fake message to wagon train boss Jamison (Hoot Gibson). The wagon train crew is lured out of the Presidio, which is now mainly defended, Alamo-style, by Jim Bowie (Hal Taliaferro), Davy Crockett (Jack Perrin), and little Kit Carson (Sammy McKim). As Stuart, Jamison, and their men ride to the rescue, a blazing fire in the building traps an unconscious Kit. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: The Death Leap
Knocked unconscious by Macklin (Maston Williams) and about to drown in the raging river, Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) is rescued in the nick of time by juvenile scout wannabe Kit Carson (Sammy McKim). The rest of the wagon train makes it safely across the river but the villainous Macklin manages to escape. Stuart and Kit track him down to the gang's mountain hideout, where they learn that Bull Smith (Charles King) has the Mystery Rider cornered on a plateau. Riding hell bent for leather, Stuart takes up the fight to save the Rider (Julia Thayer), who, to his astonishment, turns out to be a young girl. With Smith and the gang closing in, Stuart and the Rider are forced over a cliff and into the lake below. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: Thundering Wheels
Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) manages to avoid the soldier's bullets by hiding on an upper shelf. Accusing the American of being a spy, Dupray (LeRoy Mason) orders him to face a firing squad. Zamorro (Duncan Renaldo) and Macklin (Maston Williams), meanwhile, attempt another raid on the wagon train, but are once again defeated by the Rider's whistling arrows. the Rider (Julia Thayer) and her Painted Stallion also manage to break Stuart out of prison just as Zamorro and his men are abducting the wagon train's gunpowder cart. As Clark struggles with the driver, the wagon explodes. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: Ambush
Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) heroically rescues Kit Carson (Sammy McKim) from the burning Presidio, the boy none the worse for wear. Meanwhile, a captured Jim Bowie (Hal Taliaferro) overhears Dupray (LeRoy Mason) and his men discuss how they have trapped the Rider (Julia Thayer) in Box Canyon. It is all a ruse, of course, and Bowie is allowed to escape. Believing that their guardian angel is in danger, Clark and the wagon train crew head for the canyon and ride right into an ambush. Clark manages to escape but his horse loses his footing jumping across a deep gorge. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

The Painted Stallion: Valley of Death
Jim Bowie (Hal Taliaferro) manages to drag Clark Stuart (Ray Corrigan) to safety moments before the landslide reaches his wagon. Kit Carson (Sammy McKim), meanwhile, wanders off and is captured by Macklin (Maston Williams) and Smith (Charles King), who use the kid to lure Stuart into a trap. In the ensuing struggle, Macklin manages to steal Stuart's credentials, valuable tools in the villainous Lieutenant Governor Dupray's efforts to sabotage a trade agreement between the United States and Mexico. With the help of Davy Crockett (Jack Perrin), Stuart sneaks into the lieutenant governor's compound but is discovered hiding in a closet. As chapter five reaches its conclusion, Dupray (LeRoy Mason) orders his soldiers to open fire. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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