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Cloverfield [Blu-ray] [2008]


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    Cloverfield [Blu-ray]  2008 - Larger Front
    Cloverfield [Blu-ray] 2008
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    89% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (335 out of 377)


    Producer J.J. Abrams teams with writer Drew Goddard and director Matt Reeves for this frenetic tale of a powerful destructive force that descends upon New York City, and the four desperate people who put their lives on the line to embark on a perilous rescue mission. Rob Hawkins (Michael Stahl-David) is a young American professional who has recently been offered a coveted new job in Japan. Eager to send his older sibling off in style, Rob's younger brother, Jason (Mike Vogel), and his girlfriend, Lily (Jessica Lucas), organize a surprise going-away party to take place the night before Rob boards his Eastern-bound flight. As the party gets underway, Rob's longtime friend and current love interest, Beth (Odette Yustman), shows up with another man as the dejected guest of honor's best-pal Hud (T.J. Miller) encourages partygoer Marlena (Lizzy Caplan) to wish him an on-camera farewell despite the fact that they barely know one another. Moments after Beth storms out following a bitter skirmish with Rob, the entire New York City skyline goes dark. Power is quickly restored, prompting partygoers to turn their attention toward the news, where they learn that a freight tanker has been overturned in New York Harbor. Racing to the rooftop in hopes of getting a better look at the situation, the group is terrified to witness a massive explosion that rains debris across midtown Manhattan, causing mass chaos and unparalleled destruction. But the worst is yet to come, because it soon becomes apparent that this is not the work of a terrorist or an act of war, but a massive creature beyond human comprehension. Now, as the military moves in and the streets of New York City become a virtual war zone, Rob, Lily, Marlena, and Hud race to rescue Beth and get out of the city before the powers that be unleash the ultimate weapon of mass destruction on one of the most populated cities on the planet. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

    Cast & Crew

    • Lizzy Caplan
      Lizzy Caplan - Marlena
    • Jessica Lucas
      Jessica Lucas - Lily
    • T.J. Miller
      T.J. Miller - Hud
    • Michael Stahl-David
      Michael Stahl-David - Rob Hawkins
    • Mike Vogel
      Mike Vogel - Jason Hawkins

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars with 377 reviews

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      A great concept that almost gets it right


      Cloverfield is something that we've really lacked in the last several years: an American monster movie. Some would argue that Roland Emmerich's Godzilla remake counts, but it was still attached to a Japanese tradition. J.J. Abrams's concept, about a giant monster attcking during a goodbye party being held for the departure of one of the main characters really hits home, both in its imagery (an instantly famous shot of the decapitated head of the Statue of Liberty hitting a New York City street comes to mind) and its unavoidable commentary on post 9/11 hysteria. The ensuing panic and destruction is both technologically dazzling and fascinating to watch. The film follows a group of partiers who go to look for one's girlfriend after they get into a fight at his going-away party. Abrams originally pitched the movie as something like Godzilla meets a Cameron Crowe movie, and the first 2o minutes or so of the movie really reflect that. This sets up the reason for which the entire film is shot in handheld: it turns out that the footage we see is government evidence for a project code-named "Cloverfield". At the party, one of the guys is assigned to film goodbyes from all of the partygoers for the main character, and in the chaos that ensues, he decides to keep filming the attack. Some may lose interest during the beginning of the film because there is no monster; indeed, a definite "Jurassic Park" effect is present, because nothing is seen for about 25 minutes. Still, if you hang in there, it's a good ride. Overall, Cloverfield isn't an amazing film, but it's got style and originality. Nonetheless, the shaking camera really gets on your nerves toward the end, especially when the monster is in play, but luckily it is a short enough film that you won't lose interest. It might be interesting to see an alternate take on the event where it is shot normally, but that rather defeats the point. That's like saying "Memento" would be better if it went forward. I recommend this to anyone, since it really is good entertainment. Just bear in mind that you will be getting a drama more so than an action movie.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Intriguing & Surprising

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      When this film first came out, they tried to closely guard the big reveal secret of the movie & so I'll not disclose it here. Basically it's a story of a horrible disaster that occurs as a young man attends a surprise going away party to celebrate landing a new dream job in another country. His best friends have a camcorder to catch it all but when the unimaginable happens, the rest of the film is about trying to survive. The ENTIRE film is shot POV style from this single camera & we are treated to images of a bittersweet love story, goofy friends plotting a party, the horror that is designated as Cloverfield, & the resultant scramble to live & love. The special effects are excellent, the idea is wonderful (& a much better than The Blair Witch Project), & at times sadly poignant as you realize the happiest moments are being recorded over to "document" this incredible event. If I have ANY complaint it's the jerkiness of the hand-held camera throughout, but you can become used to it soon enough & it DOES add to the realistic depiction of the event. I love showing this film to friends who've never seen it & tell them nothing in advance (I won't even let them see the liner notes on the back of the case). They're surprised (& pleased) every time. An old-fashioned idea done well for the 21st century audience.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Show me the monsters! A clever film all the while.


      Cloverfield takes off on the concept of "you are there" filming that we have seen with "The Blair Witch Project". It works, I actually feel the anxiety and intense confusion as the characters scramble to anywhere, trying to flee from whatever. The pods, eggs, or whatever they are, speed out of the night sky to hit Manhattan, taking down high rises and the Statue of Liberty. I question the actual scale of the Statue of Liberty's head, this head looks rather small when it careens into a Manhattan street. Where are the monsters? Why are they here? You do not see a monster/space alien until you get a glimpse of one while it peruses through skyscrapers. The scene depicting a woman "blowing up" behind a curtain at a triage makes no sense, again, show a monster!! The best and spookiest part of this film is the scene where "little monsters" or things with wings are infiltrating the subway and tunnels, chasing the confused and shocked characters to madness. The ending to this film is very, very, scary. It actually saves the film, showing guess what..... an extremely large monster! The alternative endings are not that different from each other at all. Yes, "Cloverfield" is worth the buy, it is a scary nightmare I would not want to encounter at all. This film should scare you in some way or form.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      A frightening, exciting horrorfest


      After a strange and wildly popular viral marketing campaign, Cloverfield came out to rave reviews all over. And for good reason. This is a truly exciting, frightening, and at times, disturbing American monster movie that really touches on a lot of emotions. It's well into the movie before you get a clear shot of the monster, and even then, it's a terrifying, huge, menacing beast. As opposed to most monster movies, we're seeing this from the simple person's perspective, much like the 2005 adaptation of War of the Worlds: we have no knowledge of anything that's going on, and only few scarce details gained throughout the movie light our way. A very welcome change. However, a little bit of backstory may have helped understand the monster a bit more. The movie takes the whole "leave the viewer in the dark" concept a little too far by telling you pretty much nothing. Also, the characters are a little too cookie-cutter for my taste, with some questionable dialogue ("You're like, my main dude!" seriously, that's a line). But overall, this is a great monster movie for a new generation. If you're a fan of action flicks, this is one you shouldn't miss.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      LOVE THIS!!


      I absolutely LOVED this movie.. the average movie watcher may not though because this is no average movie. Don't expect what you normally see, this film is far from the norm. That is what makes it so exciting. Blair Witch was so popular because it seemed so real, the cameras were handheld and this film uses the same concept, only done much much better. The glimpses you get of everything around you are what the CHARACTERS see, not what the movie goer usually sees and knows to shout at the screen "not that way!" lol. This time you don't know anything that they don't know. This movie is original in so many ways. Original begining, original plot, original filming, original theory behind what is happening, and original ending too. You will not be let down if that is the type of Film you want to see!! Most movies let you guess the way they will go and the way it will turn out.. this one.. I dare you to try!! I LOVE it. The suspense is crazy!! I don't get scared easy at all NOT at all and I actually jumped at one scene there LOL. I'd say rent it and see if you can resist buying it. I bet not! Hold on for the RIIIIIIIIDE.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Don't make the mistake that I did! Don't Buy it!!!


      The movie had alot of action, but the shaky camera shots. You get use to it after a while though and don't really notice it anymore, maily because you are more focused on figuring out what the heck is going on! But the problem is you never find out what is going on in the movie, yea you know that they are creatures, but that is it! There is never any explanation about what they are, were they came from or why they came! And to top it off there is no ending to this movie whatsoever, the movie just stops! It was almost like they ran out of film or they got through the movie and forgot to give it an ending, and then just left it like that! You knew about as much about what was happening in the beginning of the movie as you did when ended unannounced! This was a very big let down! The previews made it look like a great action packed SC-FI movie which it was except they forgot to tell you in the commercials that there was no ending! Don't Make the Mistake that I Did! DON'T BUY THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Poorly directed/written/acted


      Forget the fact that this entire move is shot by an amateur cameraman while running/jumping/diving/climbing his way around New York City, that fact is well known by now. The movie carries on in such a way where you are forced to believe that the "disturbance" is following the main characters. It amazed me that time after time, no matter where they went in a city the size of New York that the "disturbance" was there to meet them. I was also forced to believe a person can not only survive being impaled through the chest, having the object that impaled them removed and have the gaping wound only leave a small blood stain on her tight shirt but also that within minutes she'll be up and running around. Later she and her friends will survive a crash that personel in safety equipment will perish in. This movie was awful. If you don't mind it being implied that you are stupid enough to believe everything that this movie asks you to believe...feel free to waste your money.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Beasts each an apocalypse!!!!


      My spiritual take on it: It was FOUR BEAST MONSTERS ACTUALLY. Symbolizing the first beast (took the statue top off), another beast (which those lil ones fell down off of in the city), the beast (in the bridge scene part), and a beast (in the appear silent out of thin air scene). Noteable in Apoc 13 (which even equal 4) right by simple words a, first, another, & the; concerning even the four beasts in other book with beasts. A beast which got the cam guy symbolizes a dynamical beast which be a EVEN HIDDEN PORTAL which very well can DO ANY THING AND MAKE ANY ENTRANCE to spoil the devil which is not Say Tan nor Geez Us nor Mabus, but a co-yellow. The co-yellow devil is symbolized by those people running. Plus, check Apoc 12 to match. Actually noteable be us which be each a four-set beast with main tops the firstfruits. Any which know, knows what befalls even so obvious how IT prefers. Buy the DVD of this movie since it is much more than meets the eye!!!!

      I would recommend this to a friend

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