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Wemo Home Automation


Hands-Free Voice Control When You Need It

Wemo works with Alexa and Google Home for hands-free, voice control over your lights and appliances.

Featured Wemo Products

Wemo - Mini WiFi Smart Plug - White - Larger Front

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Wemo - Light Switch - White/Light Gray - Larger Front

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Wemo Mini Smart Plug

"Alexa, start the coffee maker"

Wemo Mini uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of lamps, heaters, fans and more. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet, plug a device into the smart plug, and control your device using the Wemo app or voice-activated device.

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Wemo Dimmer

"OK Google, dim the lights to 60%"

Control lights with your voice using the Wemo Dimmer and your existing Wi-Fi network. Set up lighting schedules and timers, then control it all through the Wemo app.

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Wemo Light Switch

"Alexa, turn on the kitchen light"

From porch lights to ceiling fans to recessed lighting, the Wemo Light Switch can control nearly anything that a traditional light switch can. Control your lighting through your phone or tablet via the Wemo app.

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Wemo Insight Smart Plug

"OK Google, turn on the heater"

This smart plug provides real-time reports — on your phone or tablet — on how much energy your devices are consuming. Use it to monitor how much a space heater is costing you, or how much energy a particular room consumes.

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Control it all with the wemo app

Night Mode

Preset the Wemo Dimmer to avoid the sudden shock of bright light.


Program Wemo to control lights and appliances according to a schedule, or sync them to sunrise and sunset.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor usage and energy costs to save money on appliances and lights plugged into Wemo.

Away Mode

Wemo protects your home by randomly turning lights on and off when away mode is enabled.