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Cut the cord and see the bigger picture.

It's a match made in heaven for cord cutters. In addition to being great complements to streaming players, RCA & Terk antennas also act as dependable backups when storms knock out cable or satellite television. Say goodbye to contracts and hello to no-cost, broadcast content.

Brains and beauty in one sleek package.

Terk amplified ultrathin multidirectional HDTV antenna.

Enjoy free network programming and shows with style and strength. A sleek, ultrathin profile and a patented 360° multidirectional design allows for convenient hanging on walls or windows. SMARTBOOST technology provides powerful picture and sound amplification.

TV antenna
TV antenna

The power to deliver top content your way.

Terk indoor flat amplified multidirectional HDTV antenna.

Tune in to your favorite shows and network programming without monthly cable or satellite fees. A patented 360° multidirectional design and 3-way mounting allow you to lay your antenna flat, hang it on a wall, or stand it upright. Enhanced frequency range provides high-quality picture and sound.

Top performance without sacrificing style.

RCA indoor flat HDTV antenna.

High-quality components and a sleek, flat profile combine to deliver optimal performance while blending seamlessly in any environment. A patented, 360° multidirectional design eliminates the need for constant adjustments.


Tune in to network programming. Tune out monthly fees.

RCA amplified indoor HDTV antenna.

From the city to the suburbs, enjoy crisp, high-quality over-the-air reception of your favorite shows and network programming, for free. SMARTBOOST amplification provides strong, dependable signals without a monthly subscription or contract.

Listen to your favorite AM/FM programming.

Terk amplified powered AM/FM antenna.

With a patented 360° multidirectional compact design and enhanced frequency range reception, AM/FM stations sound crystal clear. Listen to news, talk and music from far distances with superior clarity and quality. Easily pairs with HD radios, receivers and tuners and compact music systems.