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Virtual Reality for Cell Phones

We make it easy to find your ideal mobile virtual reality with our top five picks.

Virtual reality headset


From movies to games, these compact, comfortable headsets make it easy to take your virtual reality on the go.

ZEISS VR ONE Plus Virtual Reality Headset

This lightweight headset includes advanced features designed for a comfortable fit during movies and games.

  • Premium lenses offer a large viewing area and sharp picture during long sessions
  • Comfortable foam gasket around the face provides full immersion without distracting ambient light
  • Top head strap alleviates pressure on the nose and offers an ergonomically balanced fit
  • Easy access to the audio jack on your smartphone for use with any headphones
  • Large airflow vents prevent the lenses from fogging and keep your smartphone cool


Virtual reality headset


Fully immerse yourself in virtual reality games with headsets that include premium features like 360° head tracking, a wider field of view or an integrated button that allows you to interact with your phone while in the viewer.

Homido V2 Virtual Reality Headset

Premium features make the most of your gaming experience.

  • Ideal for gaming with the combination of 3D and 360° head tracking, so you can immerse yourself in the virtual environment and look in all directions
  • Air vents offer a comfortable fit and prevent the headset from fogging up
  • The distance between the two lenses can be adjusted to suit your eyes

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Virtual reality viewer

Kid Friendly

Introduce your children to virtual reality in a fun way with viewers designed them.

Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

A simple virtual reality headset with a rugged design suitable for kids.

  • Includes a Preview Reel for 3D demos that don't require a phone
  • View-Master VR app offers curated 3D games and adventures for kids

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Virtual reality viewer

Google Cardboard Certified

Created to work with Google Cardboard apps, these simple viewers are an affordable way to experience virtual reality.

Insignia™ Virtual Reality Viewer

Experience cinema-like virtual reality with an affordable headset based on Google's original Cardboard viewer.

  • QR code scan feature offers optimized content based on your Insignia viewer and smartphone combination
  • Integrated button allows you to easily interact with Google Cardboard apps while your phone is in the viewer
  • Design and lenses have been certified by Google Cardboard for a premium viewing experience
  • Lightweight, handheld design

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Virtual reality headset

Powered by Oculus

Enjoy a premium experience wearing a headset created in partnership with virtual reality specialist Oculus.

Samsung Gear VR Headset

Affordable virtual reality brought to you in partnership with a company that redefines digital entertainment.

  • Wide field of view puts you in the center of the action
  • Ease of navigation provided with touchpad control, back button and home button
  • Provides the smoothest virtual reality viewing experience of any mobile device
  • Compatible with the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones — just snap your phone into Gear VR

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