How to Give a Cell Phone as a Gift

A cell phone can be a fun and exciting gift idea; after all, it will be one of your recipient's most treasured and relied upon possessions. But gifting a cell phone can also be a headache. This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls of giving a cell phone as a gift and make sure it's the unique and beloved gift you want it to be.

Aside from the phone itself, there are data plans, carriers and lots of other factors to consider when purchasing a cell phone. This is what makes gifting one so tough, especially if given to someone who already has a cell phone plan. Your recipient may like their carrier's coverage area, have a plan they want to keep, or face a substantial fee for ending their contract early. The best situation for giving a cell phone with a plan is to a family member who you want to add to your family plan. You can do this even if your family member doesn't live at the same address.

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Another way to ensure that your cell phone gift is exactly what they want is to give them a Best Buy gift card. Your recipient can choose any of the latest and greatest cell phones from popular brands like Apple, Samsung and LG. We offer plans from carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and more, so they can pick the carrier and plan that fits them best.

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Not all cell phones are tied to just one carrier, or require a lengthy data plan. Best Buy offers unlocked cell phones, which are compatible with multiple carriers, and prepaid phones (also referred to as no-contract phones) that have a certain amount of talk time and data built in without any contract. These are great options if you want to give an actual phone, but want your recipient to have the flexibility to choose their own plan.

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