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Powerful suction to remove allergens from your mattress.

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Dyson Microbiology Lab

Thirteen years ago Dyson built an in-house microbiology laboratory. Inside, Dyson scientists analyze household allergens and have dust mite farms where they breed house dust mite cultures.

This enables Dyson microbiologists to study and fully understand dust mite behavior and the allergens they produce.

Through their research, Dyson microbiologists have discovered the most effective way to reduce dust mite allergens in mattresses. It's not the UV lights or vibrating pads used by other manufacturers — it's powerful suction.

UV Light is Ineffective

Dyson microbiologists found that to have any chance of killing dust mites, UV light would have to be held over a single spot for approximately 60 seconds. And even then, it would work only if the dust mites were stationary and on the surface of the mattress — which they're not.

Vibration is Ineffective

Dust mites hook their legs around mattress fibers at least 10–20mm below the surface. Small, vibrating pads in other mattress cleaners are either too weak to dislodge the dust mites, or the suction is too weak to remove them from the mattress.

Powerful Suction is the Most Effective Way to Reduce House Dust Allergens in the Mattress

Dyson research has shown that the best way to remove allergenic dust mite droppings from mattresses is by using powerful suction. This also removes their food source — our dead skin cells — and reduces dust mite populations.

Dust Mites
Skin Cells
Dust Mite Feces

Cordless and Ergonomically Designed. With Extra Tools.

V6 Mattress Features

Vacuum motor

Dyson Digital Motor V6

Creates powerful suction to penetrate deep into the mattress.

Vacuum cyclones

Two-Tier Radial Cyclones

Capture more microscopic dust and allergens.

Vacuum filter

Whole-Machine HEPA Filtration

The post motor filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Vacuum attachment

Motorized Mattress Tool

Agitates mattress fibers to release dust and allergens.

Sound waves hitting ear

Quieter than the V6 Trigger

Engineered for reduced sound levels.

Vacuum attachments

Extra Tools

Dyson-engineered tools equipped to clean awkward spaces.

Vacuum emptied into garbage can

Hygienic Bin Emptying

With the touch of a button.

20 minutes

Up to 20 Minutes of Powerful Suction

The run-time enhancing trigger means that the battery power is only used for vacuuming.


Max Mode

Increases suction for more difficult tasks.

Powerful suction to remove allergens from your mattress.

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