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Intel Optane Memory


Everyday Tasks Are up to Twice as Responsive with Intel® Optane Memory1

Intel Optane memory is a smart system accelerator that adapts to your everyday computing activities making everything you do fast, smooth, and easy.

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Intelligent System Acceleration

  • Power on your computer faster with Intel Optane memory4
  • Launch the Google Chrome browser five times faster with Intel Optane memory3
  • Move to the next level during gameplay up to 65% faster with Intel Optane memory5

Wait Less, Do More

  • Search and find files on your computer up to three times faster with Intel Optane memory7
  • Open large media projects up to 4.1 times faster with Intel Optane memory9
  • Launch e-mail up to 5.8 times faster with Intel Optane memory6
  • Launch presentations up to 3.8 times faster with Intel Optane memory8

Speed Up Your Storage

  • A hard drive plus Intel Optane memory performs up to 14 times faster than just a hard disk drive2
  • Intel Optane memory in a computer with a hard disk drive (HDD) delivers solid-state drive-like performance10, 11, 12 without the hassle of moving applications manually like in a dual drive configuration
  • Your most frequently used tasks are accelerated automatically so you can get things done faster, smoother, easier1, 11