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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch gaming console

Nintendo Switch

Bringing the best parts of Nintendo consoles together, the Nintendo Switch gives you the mobility of a handheld device added to the power of a home gaming system. You can even connect multiple Nintendo Switch systems together to enjoy face-to-face multiplayer competition.

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Video games

Nintendo Switch Games

Bring the party with you wherever you go with a variety of exciting games for the Nintendo Switch. Experience the excitement of a traditional platformer, an open-world RPG adventure, a physical interactive party game and more.

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Nintendo Switch Accessories

Gaming springs into action with these innovative accessories. Slip your Joy-Con controller into a grip to mirror a more traditional controller, or snap on a strap to use it more like a Wii-mote. Plus, you can opt for a Pro Controller to use instead.

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Joy-Con controller

Gaming figure

amiibo Figures

Get cool in-game extras with amiibo. Just tap your amiibo figure to the designated spot on the Joy-Con controller to unlock new characters, game modes or other perks. Some games even let you level up or customize your character using an amiibo.

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