Moving Checklist

Keep Track of your moving tasks

You may be overwhelmed by the idea of moving. To help you ease into the process, we've organized common moving tasks to help you baby-step your way to moving day and beyond.

A Moving Strategy

Once you know the date of your move, you should make a plan. You may need to combine or skip some of these steps if your timeline is short. But remember that the time you spend planning now will eliminate a host of surprises and hassles on moving day.

Identify specialty items

Before you move, walk through your house and take note of large or fragile items that may require additional resources to move. Moving appliances requires preparation and, often, specialty assistance. Since your TVs may be some of your most valuable electronics, find appropriate boxes and take the extra time to research the best way to move them.

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Create a budget

Avoid moving sticker shock by being as prepared as you can for upcoming expenses:

  • Home repairs
  • Professional cleaning fees
  • Moving company fees
  • Professional packing fees
  • Moving equipment rental
  • Storage fees
  • Moving insurance
  • Specialty moving services (piano, appliances)
  • Transportation charges (gas, air travel, lodging, meals)
  • Daycare costs
  • Temporary housing costs
  • Restaurant meals
  • Replacing food you are unable to move
  • Specialty and storage boxes
  • Window coverings for new home

Let others know you're moving

Redirect all your mail by changing your address with the post office: Make sure you discontinue any scheduled deliveries.

Directly notify important agencies and individuals:

  • Driver's license
  • Insurance agent
  • Medical records
  • Pharmacy (prescription refills)
  • Water delivery/water treatment
  • Lawn, garden, pool services
  • Housecleaning services
  • Physicians
  • Veterinarian
  • Attorney
  • Banks
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance agencies (health, home/life and auto)
  • Pension plans
  • Air miles rewards program
  • Accountant or tax consultant
  • Professional memberships/licensing boards
  • Veteran affairs
  • Income tax/IRS
  • Family support
  • Social Security
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Vehicle registration
  • Driving license
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Video, book, music services
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Transition Services and Utilities

Make plans for transferring essential services, identifying which ones you want up and running on day one in your new home. When you cancel your current services, make sure your disconnect date is the day after you leave the property to ensure you will have service on moving day.

  • Electric
  • Gas or other fuel services
  • Water
  • Garbage
  • Land line telephone
  • Mobile phone
  • Cable
  • Internet service

your current home

You may have sold your current home or are moving out of an apartment. Paying attention to needs in your current space will make moving out go more smoothly.

Reduce clutter

Streamlining your space will lighten your moving load. Consume freezer food and canned goods, which are difficult or heavy to move. Return items you've borrowed from others.

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Protect and prepare your belongings

Back up your computer to protect your data, and measure your appliances' spaces (if you plan to move them). Label and take photos of the cable connections on your electronics. Make (digital) copies of important papers, take a photo inventory, drain fuel from garden and outdoor equipment and clean carpets.

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Determine packing order of all your things, from least to most-used. Identify items to pack last so you can access them until moving day. Pack items you will need right away in the new home in a clear plastic bin. Then start packing and labeling boxes.

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Learn about
your new home

Whenever you have access to your new home, take notes and/or photos. You can reduce moving-day surprises, plus give yourself a thousand ways to dream about your new space.

Measure new spaces

Try to obtain a floor plan of your new home with room measurements. Measure appliances in kitchen and laundry spaces.

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Identify cord and cable requirements

Locate electrical, phone and cable outlets in your new home. You may need longer cables or extension cords to get up and running. Check out the locations of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and make a list of doors that will require new locks.

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Settle in to your new home

Once the moving trucks have left, you don't have to start unpacking immediately. Take a well-earned break, look around your new space, and imagine all its possibilities. You may be inspired to install smart locks, design custom lighting, or install a smart thermostat. There are so many ways to create a fresh start in your new home, and Best Buy and Geek Squad are there to help you every step of the way.

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Create a Moving Wish List

Keep track of what you need to make the most of your new place. Add items to your Save for Later list while shopping, and then use those products to create your custom list to share with friends and family.

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Services To Help You Move

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