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New Home Essentials

Find Essentials for your new home

Every home is different. When you move to a new place, you'll probably discover new needs for extension cords, light bulbs and more. We've gathered these and other supplies that are sure to make your new place more functional and comfortable on day one.


Perhaps you want to increase your wireless network speed now that you are streaming media or adding a wireless printer. Consider updating your router, your modem or other networking equipment.

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Home Theater

A new entertainment space may require a new wall mount or a bigger stand. Or you may need longer HDMI or optical cable to get everything working properly. Find what you need right here.


New appliances usually require connection kits for installation, while older ones should be maintained with proper cleaners and filters. Or wake up in your new place with a sleek new coffee maker or blender.

Power & Cables

Don't miss a message because you're without power. Find batteries, surge protectors, charging cable for all of your small electronics and much more.

Household products

Once you get to your new place, you might find yourself short on basic supplies for everyday living. So stock up on light bulbs and batteries. Replace all of your smoke detectors. Or find a new floor cleaner for your new style of floor.

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Services To Help You Move

Need help with your move? From in-home network and home theater consultations to basic installation services, our Geek Squad® agents and professional installers can take care of the heavy lifting.