Hand, Repulsor Gear controller, The Avengers Need Your Help

Playmation Marvel's Avengers Repulsor Starter Pack

No console is needed to battle villains and test your skills on new missions.

  • Experience 25 on-board missions and level up as you go
  • Expand your play with the Ultron Prowler Bot and additional hero and villain Smart Figures*

*Ultron Prowler Bot and additional Smart Figures sold separately.
Playmation Marvel's Avengers Starter Pack, Smart Figures

Playmation Marvel's Avengers
Smart Figures

More heroes, more villains, more adventures. Smart Figures bring new missions to life.

Playmation Marvel's Avengers
Gamma Gear Starter Pack

These Hulk-inspired Gamma Gear fists with motion-sensing technology put players in the Avengers action.


Experience the future of play. Slide your arm into the Repulsor Gear controller and start battling enemies through the Power Activators. Place Smart Figures on the Power Activators to bring villains and heroes into the action.

How Playmation Gear Works

Wearable Tech

Repulsor Gear puts you in the center of the action. Slide your arm into the Repulsor Gear to go on missions with help from J.A.R.V.I.S. Sneak. Dodge and blast your way past the enemy. Level up to earn new powers and abilities.

How Playmation Gear Works

Connected Toys

With Power Activators, you'll be able to target and take out the enemy. But be careful, they'll be blasting back. Want more action? Bring villains and heroes into the battle with Smart Figures. Level up to earn their abilities. You can also defeat villains to access new battlegrounds and additional missions.

How Playmation Gear Works

Avengersnet App

Open your direct link to the Avengers Network on your smartphone or tablet and track your battle stats to see where the Avengers need you most. Plus, download new missions for your Gear to keep the heroics going.

Smartphone or tablet sold separately. App coming Fall 2015. Requires parental approval.

Inside the Playmation Marvel's Avengers Repulsor Starter Pack

Gear up and enter the battle with this Starter Pack that includes:

  • Repulsor Gear arm controller with your first 25 on-board missions
  • Two Power Activators to spawn different enemy types and unlock your Smart Figures
  • Captain America Smart Figure
  • Iron Skull Smart Figure

Repulsor Gear

  • Control the battle with motion-sensing technology
  • Block, dodge, sneak, run and jump through battlegrounds
  • Blast your way through missions with three attack modes and dozens of abilities to earn

Power Activator

  • Battle over 20 different enemies
  • Load Smart Figures and bring heroes and villains into the action
  • Use as a blaster for multiplayer battle


Bring a hero Smart Figure on missions to team up against the enemy. Or train to become a stronger recruit and spar against them. Train enough, and you'll unlock a unique ability for your gear.


Go up against Ultron and his allies with villain Smart Figures. Battling villains improves skills and unlocks a new location with exclusive missions. Do enough damage and you'll earn a unique ability for your gear. Defeat them all and save the earth.

Ultron Prowler Bot

The Ultron Prowler Bot has been sent to stop you. This robotic villain from Ultron's army tracks Avenger Gear with 360° motion. Defeat it to keep Ultron and his legion at bay.




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Actual product and colors may vary. Images enhanced to show light effect. Playmation Starter Pack, Smart Figures, additional Avengers' Gear and other accessories sold separately. Batteries not included.
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