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Make Voice and
Video Calls

Stay in touch with friends and family by using your tablet to make voice and face-to-face video calls.


Check Out Books without Going to the Library

Did you know that you can borrow e-books from your local library? Well, you can and you don't have to travel to the library to do it. Just download an app, such as OverDrive, to transfer the books from your library's website to your tablet. The best part is that you won't have to worry about late fees because e-books are automatically returned on their due dates.


Use Your Tablet as a Second Monitor

Increase productivity and get some additional screen real estate for your laptop or desktop by using your tablet's screen as a second monitor. You can also mirror your desktop or laptop's screen to show others what you're working on.


Control Your TV

Use your tablet as a remote, and control your satellite or cable programming. Search for programs, set favorite channels, even watch TV from your tablet. You can also access songs and programs from your online media library. Contact your cable or satellite provider for more information.


Monitor Your Home Away from Home

Pair your tablet with security cameras to keep an eye on things at home when you're out and about. Easily check in on the family, make sure the pets are safe and sound or keep an eye on your front door and yard right on your tablet. Apps work with a personal video network that you set up.


Control Your Home's Environment

Use your tablet to turn on lights, choose tunes to play throughout your home, control the temperature and even open your front door without a key. Working with a home automation system and various accessories, you can use your tablet to control your home environment.


Monitor Your Health and Fitness

Keep tabs on your health by matching up fitness activity trackers with your tablet. Watch your progress, set fitness goals, monitor your sleep and more.


Run Your Small Business

Turn your tablet into a cash register by combining it with a credit card reader. Great for small businesses, charity events, garage sales and more. The reader connects to your tablet, a customer's credit card goes through the reader and the payment information goes into your tablet for easy recordkeeping.


Scan Documents

Pair your tablet with a powerful scanning app to scan documents and convert them into computer-friendly formats. Ideal for documents, letters, contracts, brochures, business cards, whiteboards, e-mails, pictures and more.


Entertain Your Cat

Keep your feline friends busy by adding games and apps to your tablet that are made just for them. They'll enjoy the quick action games as they paw mice, bugs, string and other cat favorites. Plus, there are no-mess painting apps that turn your kitty into a real Purrcasso.