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Computer Monitor Options

With all of the focus on new TV technology, many people don't realize that there are also lots of computer monitors with Full HD and 4K Ultra HD screens and there have been for years. A large, new, crystal-clear monitor is a great way to get the full, immersive experience your laptop or desktop computer is truly capable of. The big, bold graphics and crisp, minute details of the monitors at Best Buy will change the way you use your computer, from mundane tasks like surfing the Web to engrossing experiences like graphics-intensive gaming and Full HD movies and video.

What is the Best Monitor to Meet Your Needs?

When shopping for a new computer monitor, you might be overwhelmed by all the choices of display type. Don't worry, at Best Buy we can help you make sense of the various kinds of monitors, whether you're looking for a PC monitor or a Mac-compatible monitor.

Monitor Display Types

Many monitors use a liquid-crystal, or LCD displays. This type of computer screen produces a quality image and can do so at a competitive price. Light-emitting diode, or LED monitors are LCD monitors, but they use backlighting to produce even brighter, more vibrant images, all while consuming less power in a thinner design than basic LCD computer monitors.

In-plane switching, or IPS monitors take things to the next level with wider viewing angles, more precise colors, and darker blacks than even the best LCD and LED computer monitors. These models are a perfect choice if your work and play finds you editing photos or enjoying video games.

Touchscreen Computer Monitors

Another option to think about is monitors sporting touchscreen capability. These are perfect for home entertainment and using a computer with kids. Swipe effortlessly through images, launch programs with the touch of a finger, or enjoy addictive touch-based gaming. If you do decide on a touch-screen monitor, focus on models with stands that can easily be adjusted and that have glass that extends all the way to the edge. Don't forget your screen protectors and cleaning kits to keep your touch-screen monitor clean and protected.