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Definitive Technology - ProMonitor 1000 5-1/4" Bookshelf Speaker (Each) - Black

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With a 5-1/4" midrange, 5-1/4" planar low-frequency woofer and 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter cone, this Definitive Technology Pro Monitor 1000 Black bookshelf speaker provides immersive cinema sound in a small package.

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Overall Customer Rating:
99% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (171 out of 174)


Handles up to 200 watts input power

For strong, controlled audio that is crisp and clear.

Driver and tweeter

One 5-1/4" cast basket bass/midrange driver coupled with one 5-1/4" pressure-driven planar low-frequency radiator and one 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter to clearly produce a complete range of frequencies.

Outstanding performance capability

Ultra-smooth high-definition clarity, musical linearity and superb transient response combine with tremendous dynamic range, rich warmth and 3D, room-filling imaging.

2-way compact speakers

Provide sonic depth, width and height reproduction for sound that rivals larger speakers.

Versatile mounting

Easily placed speaker can stand alone on a bookshelf, be paired with a stand or wall-mounted. Magnetically shielded speaker is safe for use around other electronics.

47Hz - 30kHz frequency response

For faithful sound reproduction.

90dB sesitivity

The speaker uses a small amount of power to produce powerful sound.

8 ohms impedance

Conducts power through the speaker.

Overall customer rating

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars with 174 reviews

99%of customers would recommend this to a friend



  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Amazing speakers for the price


    I currently have 6.1 surround sound in the basement of the ProCinema 600 + one Pro-800 monitor as surround back. It's an amazing system driven by a Denon 3806 receiver. However, a couple of comments before I get to the Pro-Cinema 1000 review (as many are probably reading this are probably looking at different models#. The Pro-Cinema 600 is fantastic, great sound and plenty of power but it's in a small room - 8 x 14. The speakers are great for movies and gaming, and the surround sound effects are fantastic. The speakers are very clear and crisp. However, 2 complaints: 1# the sound could sometimes be classified as "high" or "tinny", meaning the base sometimes gets lost. However, the clarity is great and once you get the receiver settings right, it can make up for this. Movies are great! 2# the main drawback - music. If you like to listen to music through your system, these are not the speakers for you. The Denon I have listed above is a decent mid-range receiver and these speakers just can't handle it - regardless of where you set the crossover frequency ... which bring me to the Pro-1000's Now, to the review on the Pro-1000's: These are setup in 5.1 surround sound system in a room 14 x 18 #so much larger than the room above# and driven by a Denon 3312CI with 4xProMonitor 1000's, Pro Center 1000, Pro Sub 1000. They are setup as a surround system for the home theater but also, are used as the main system for listening to music. Setup: I have the crossover freqency set at 90Hz for the 4 Pro-Monitor 1000's and 100 Hz for the Pro-Center 1000 #this was the chosen Audessey setting on automatic setup and it works well#. The speakers are all wired directly to the Tuner #you can wire 2 speakers directly to the Sub Woofer and set the crossover directly thru the Sub, but I chose not to do this as I wanted one point of "control"#. The sound difference between the Pro-1000's and Pro-600's in terms of music is absolutely amazing. The sound is richer, fuller, and much more balanced. Some music entusiasts will insist on larger front "tower" speakers, which is hard to beat. However, if you are looking for a versatile system and don't want large speakers in the room, these are fantastic, even for music. All but the most critical audiophiles will not be disappointed! In fact, I had a pair of 4 Ohm 250W Cerwin Vega towers that were "monsters" in terms of speakers. I can honestly say these small speakers rival those! I play music 3 ways: thru a Denon Ipod Dock, thru the computer #networked to the receiver# and thru the Iphone thru Airplay. In each of these, the music is crisp and clear. Only to say that the speakers perform well in each case and you can't really tell a difference. Movies are just amazing. The sound is clear and full - you won't be disappointed. The bass thru the ProSub #which you are probably also looking at with this system# is also great #and easily adjustable for those who don't want all of their furniture shaking during every explosion on the screen#. There is a break-in period with the Pro-Monitor 1000 speakers. The manuals mention it.... The speakers sound great out of the box...... however, they definitely do get even better as you play them. I've had these for about a month now and can notice they are improving in clarity and dynamic range. I didn't think much of it as I tore through all of the packaging / manuals that mentioned this, but it really does improve after ~ 40 hours of use. My recommendations if you are looking at this system: 1# I would probably upgrade to the ProCenter 2000 - I like the ProCenter 1000 but the Pro-Monitors are so well made / so strong that they could handle a larger Center channel. I wanted a well balanced system for movies / TV, so I went with the matched system. I like the ProCenter 1000, however, listening to the speakers, a larger center would not be a problem in terms of balance #which says how strong the ProMonitor 1000's are#. 2) Take the time to setup your receiver #whichever one you decide on#. I happen to be a huge fan of Denon - I'm on my second one now and have tried a number of different brands. I find the Denons to be solid and extremely capable in term of delivering accurate sound. However, whichever receiver you decide on, take the time to set it up properly, it does make a big difference in sound quality. I noticed when I had the Denon in "night mode" while watching a movie it sounded like the dialog was coming through a fishbowl. So, this is only to say there are alot of settings that can impact the overall setup and sound, so if you decide on this speaker and the sound isn't perfect when you "plug" them in, play with the setup on your receiver. These speakers are amazing and you won't be disappointed. 3) Buy decent cables / speaker wire. You don't need Monster cables / wire, etc., and you don't need to spend a full paycheck on accessories that are "brand names". However, as a rule of thumb: don't use 24 gauge speaker wire for these speakers. However, you don't need 12 gauge speaker wire either - I use 14 and 16 gauge and it's fine unless you are running it very long distance #longer than 20-25 feet#. Also, if you spend this much on a system, don't buy a $4.00 HDMI cable.... it's just not worth it. You might get lucky and get one that works well. Or.... your setup may not work and you won't know whether it's cheap accessories or the system itself. Just look around at review - you can get some inexpensive accessories on Amazon. I bought a number of MediaBridge products thru Amazon #HDMI 1.4 cables# and have been very happy with them. Good luck with your system. You will not be disappointed with these speakers!!!

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Smooth full sound, seemless blending.

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I have 2 ProMon 1000 for the front L/R, a ProCenter 2000, 2 ProMon 800 for the rears, and a ProSub 800. My AVR is a Technics SA-GX690, with just Dolby ProLogic that I bought in 1996. I selected the 1000 for the front because I wanted the best non-floor speaker I could get for great sounding music in stereo (I have 2 little girls so floor standing speakers are a no-go). I have the fronts wired through the ProSub 800 as recommended to me by DefTech support. With this set up the internal amp in the sub still powers it, and the AVR powers the front L'R speakers. (There seems to be some confusion about this point at the sales level.) This set up creates a very nice blending between the sub and the fronts. I have the crossover set at about 85 hz, and the ProSub gain/volume control set at 11:00 which seems to match the volume level of the AVR to the fronts well. I selected the ProCenter 2000 because my wife always complained that the male actors sounded muffled with the previous speakers, so I wanted to make sure the dialogue was loud and clear -- and it is incredibly better than the previous center. The sound is very open with incredible clarity and reproduction. Subtle sounds like papers or leaves rustling etc. are very clear and life-like. In stereo for music the fronts create a very wide sound stage with good placement of instruments. When I installed these speakers I did the rears first (same day) which are the ProMon 800s. I played some music in surround to do a comparison to my old fronts which are a very well marketed product with a passive base module, and there was no comparison. The ProMon 800 blew away my old fronts in sound clarity, volume efficiency, and lower noise -- the ProMon 1000 are even better!! My listening area is 14 by 12 with hardwood floors, plaster walls and ceiling, lots of hard surfaces. The ProSub 800 does a good job in this environment. I prefer tight clean bass over a loud boomy thud, and the ProSub 800 delivers. I am not rattling my windows (nor do I want to), but it does vibrate the couch with thundering hoofs for example. I have the ProSub aimed toward the listeners / viewers, not toward the wall. I am happy with my choice of the ProSub 800, but if you are really into bass, or action movies are more your thing,, or you have a really powerfull AVR amp you'll probably want to get the ProSub 1000 instead. My AVR is rated at 2 x 90W in Stereo, 20hz - 20Khz at .05% THD. In Dolby the ratings are 2 x 70W for the fronts, 70W for the Center, and 70W total for the surround (rears) 1% THD. Running the volume at about 1/4 level produces plenty of volume. My AVR has manual adjustments for the Center and Surround )rears). I usually run about -2db to 0db for the Center (compnesates for distance), depending on the material, and +6db for the rears to compensate for the lower power output by my amp to these. With this set up I have a very seemles blending of all speakers, something I was never able ro achieve before no matter how much I adjusted the AVR. I highly recommend these. Some say they're pricey, but I think they/re a great value especially when you consider how long you'll be using them and that the speakers are the most important part of how a system will sound.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Worth Buying

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    I visited the Best Buy's Magnolia audio demonstration theatre in Lexington, KY and was amazed at how the technology and sound quality of bookshelf speakers have progressed. The salesperson was extremely helpful and provided very valuable guidance. For some time, I thought I might replace my 20+ year old Bose Acoustimass 7 double cube satellite speakers. Mainly because of the center channel speaker. I felt the sound quality of the center channel cube did not meet my expectations. When I listened to my choices in the Magnolia theater room, I knew it was time to upgrade - especially since I just upgraded my TV to a 65" 4K Samsung KS8000. Which I also recommend. Back to the speaker review. After listening to my choices, I thought the Definitive Technology speakers pleased my ears the most. I thought there is no way these Def Tech speakers are within my budget. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the how affordable they really are. After reading the many reviews, my decision to make the plunge was completely solidified. The decision was made easier by the fact they were on sale. Since my local store in Fort Wayne does not carry the Def Tech's, I purchased a pair of the ProMonitor 1000's and a ProCenter 1000 from Best Buy's online site and couldn't wait until they arrived. When they arrived, I immediately replace my Front-Left, Center and Front-Right AM7's with the Def Tech's and was amazed at the difference. Right out of the box, they sounded great - much better than my AM7's. I'm not knocking Bose because I have many Bose products in my house and on my ears but these Def Tech's brought the sound alive. The clarity and audio range were impressive. I love good quality sound but am not willing to spend thousand's of dollars to possibly enjoy the next plateau of sound quality. My audio system is powered and controlled with a five year old Onkyo TX-NR609 receiver and also connect to my system is a Polk PSW10 powered 10" subwoofer. One thing I need to add to my comments is that you will need a subwoofer with these Def Tech's since they do not provide nor are they designed to provide the full range of audio frequencies. After I had a chance to adjust the audio settings on my Onkyo receiver, the sound was even more dynamic. After spending a little north of $600 for a pair of ProMonitor 1000's and a ProCenter 1000, I am very pleased with my purchase. I would highly recommend purchasing Definitive Technology speakers. They are well designed and well built and you will not be disappointed with their quality.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Speakers

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    I purchase these speaker to replace my Mirage Mx, they were good speakers but I was missing the mid range, which these speakers provide. Let me tell you for the prize and size these speakers provide an excellent sound from mid range to high. I purchase 6 of these for my 7.2 surround sound. They are not really big speakers but they produce a big sound, I mainly got them for surround and for music they sound OK. The built quality is excellent with nice glossy black finish. have them hooked up to a DENON 2312Ci at 80hz all around and with a DefTech Pro2000 as center. I decided to go with the Pro2000 due to the size of my room the 2000 are a inch bigger than the Pro1000CC and for 100 more was definitely worth it. BestBuy does not carry the Pro2000 you have to find elsewhere. These speakers worth every penny go to the Magnolia and check them out is what I did after researching online. For the wall mount Def Tech have their own pro mounts but the price too high I found the Omnipro 10.0 work the same and way cheaper and they go about 90 degrees, for my front speakers I use some other mount found online which swivel 180 and the speaker sits flat on the mount. For the center channel I used the Def Tech Pivot mount which it was about $20 and bring two mounts which is what you need for the Pro Centers. If your looking for small good speakers and at decent price don't go any further DeftTech is the way to go. I added some picture of the mounts. My current setup: Receiver: Denon 2312Ci Surround: Def Tech PM1000 Center Channel: Def Tech PC2000 Subs: 2 Mirage MX will replace 1 with Pro1000 Sub

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Disappointed with speaker and especially Best Buy

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    One speaker (out of 2) developed a buzz after about a month of use. Called store where I purchased to see about an exchange and they stated return privileges were over unless I had purchased the extended warranty - I hadn't. Otherwise to take up issue with the manufacturer. The manufacturer doesn't have a true warranty shop or 24 hour service line, but instead redirects you back to where you purchase their products for "service and warranty work" (image with exact text attached). Says speakers are covered for 5 years, which sounds good if you can get anybody to honor that. Calling store (#333) multiple times only to be put of indefinite hold (hung up on and call back...3rd time now). Below acceptable on both parties in my opinion to play the "not it" game with published warranties. Other speaker is fine (adequate), hence two stars instead of one/none. Finally told after over 40 minutes of holding to check with the Geek Squad as they "might" work with the manufacturer on warranty work. Guess I'll be on hold again as I ask someone from the 3rd department within the store. Magnolia service?!? Avoid calling a store at all costs even if main website is also useless. Only going there in person seems to get any attention. And after another 15 minutes hold, told to bring to any Geek Squad station with customer service pin (from receipt, which I have), and they will send off for a two-three week repair. Fingers crossed that works. I have my doubts after Geek Squad wanted to send me right back to Magnolia department.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    ProMonitor 1000

    • My Best Buy Premier Silver MemberElite Plus Member

    Value for price: I have purchased 2 of these speakers. For only $440 (plus tax) I was able to get full sound. Compared to the DefTech 8040 and 8060 tower speakers, they are lacking a deep rich bass. Other than this, they are identical sound in the mid-range and the high-end. Couple this speaker with a good Subwoofer and you can do away with the higher end tower speakers. So for the price, you get a good deal. Sound Quality: The sound is able to fill a 14ft x 16ft with full fidelity. Ambience in dolby digital sounds are easily distinguishable, and music sounds fantastic. I am almost positive anyone who hears them in the Magnolia home theater will agree, for their size, they have a full, rich and strong sound. Appearance: The gloss finish on these speakers is crisp and clean. The speaker fits right at home in dark woods. As far as bookshelf speakers, they aren't huge, but are quite heavy. Mounting wasn't an option for myself, but they look great next to my Samsung LED TV.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Do not pass up listening to these


    First, and foremeost, if you are in the market for speakers, go out and listen if possible. Compare under like conditions, but as I wrote in my summary, do not pas up listening to these. I already had Definitive Technology experience due to having some in my "man room" and living room. It is my living room speakers I was replacing. I had a Def Tech 60 series (today's 600 series) 5.1 setup in my living room which I felt needed a bit more punch. So, I went out and auditioned several types of speakers and kept coming back to these. I purchased 4. I use them for front and rear lefts and rights. I couldn't be happier. I matched them with a Def Tech Prosub 1000 and a Def Tech Procenter 2000 (BB doesn't sell the 2000). The front stage is amazingly clear and the surrounds are nice and subtle. I have them plugged into a Denon 2310CI allowing the AVR to drive the speakers. Movies are awsome and music, well, its music to my ears! Give these a listen and I do not think you will be sorry.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Little guys pack a punch.


    Having decided to upgrade my embarrassingly old bookshelf setup completely with 4 of these, a matching center, and a new receiver, I went with the Pro1000's since I already had a Pro1000 sub, and the fact that reviews were so excellent. After getting my new and updated 5.1 setup calibrated sound quality was a tad blah. Looking back at the EQ setup after calibration, my Denon 3313 decided to set the fronts at 100hz and the center at 110. After doing a bit of research on AVR forums, as well as looking at the definitive website that these are capable of much lower frequencies, I proceeded to put them at a comfortable 80hz, and the center at 100hz. The room lit up at this point.... BIG difference... but wait, there's more... After doing some single scene tests from Avengers(beginning where Loki comes in) and the Elephant battle scene from LOTR (3rd disc), I realized that after removing my subwoofer from the equation, things sounded a bit dull. Like I was still missing some of the mid's and wasn't getting the punch I wanted. At this point I did what I didn't want to do, upgraded to tower speakers(BP-8020ST), and kept the 4 Pro1000's for sides & rears. NOW my setup feels complete.

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