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DreamWorks 2-in-1 Party Pack with Shrek's Carnival Craze and Madagascar Kartz - Nintendo DS

Release Date:08/31/2010
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Shoot, aim and throw your way to victory with the lovably abrasive Shrek and his fairytale crew. In Shrek's Carnival Craze Party Games, silliness reigns as you vie for the highest score in dozens of action-packed carnival games. Assume the role of one of your favorite characters from the three Shrek films and become part of the big green ogre's delightful world. Run wild with your favorite characters from the Madagascar films in a whole new way. In Madagascar Kartz, you'll join Alex, Marty, Gloria and others as they engage in thrilling, high-speed kart racing that will send them zipping across a series of wild and crazy tracks. Get ready to unleash your own inner wild animal as you careen your way around a variety of challenging courses and demonstrate your most over-the-top moves.
Get ready for an exciting party with the DreamWorks 2-in-1 Party Pack which features Shrek's Carnival Craze Party Games and Madagascar Kartz. In Shrek's Carnival Craze Party Games, you can play as characters like Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss in Boots, each featuring their actual voices. Put your precision to the test in Pinocchio's Ring Toss or show your strength in Rapunzel's Hair Climb. Thrilling multiplayer action lets you battle it out in head-to-head competition or unite in cooperative team play. Endure the absurdity until you complete all the party games and you'll unlock Shrek's Swamp. Once you've become King or Queen of the carnival, take the wheel of any of several crazy karts as you race into action across 18 zany tracks based on hilarious scenes from the Madagascar movies. Perform awesome moves like high-flying jumps, flips and rolls, earning points for your most daring maneuvers, and take advantage of a variety of fun powerups that amp up the excitement. Compete against your friends in head-to-head multiplayer gameplay, and unleash additional fun by unlocking secret bonus characters and tracks as you play.


Dreamworks 2-in-1 Party Pack

includes Shrek's Carnival Craze Party Games and Madagascar Kartz

Play as Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots, the ogre babies, Gingy and other familiar favorites from the films

Test your skills in 28 sidesplitting carnival-style games, including Pinocchio's Ring Toss, Three-Wheeled Thrills, Rapunzel's Hair Climb, Sack Race and the Melon Bowl

Contend for the carnival crown in Story mode, take on a five-game multiplayer contest in Tournament mode or play any unlocked mini game in Quick Play mode


Explore detailed -inspired locations, including Gingyland, 3 Blind Mice Midway, Fiona's Funhouse and Pinocchio Park, and complete all the games to unlock Shrek's Swamp

Laugh aloud at wacky commentary from the characters


Race to the finish line in wacky arcade-style kart-racing action featuring characters from the movies, including Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, King Julien and the crafty penguins

Zoom into action on 18 crazy tracks inspired by hilarious movie scenes, including the New York City Zoo, the plane wreck and the volcano

Unleash your wildest impulses on the track to earn special rewards for over-the-top maneuvers

Take advantage of exciting power boosts, obstacles, projectiles and more to help you speed your way toward victory

Unlock secret bonus characters and tracks from throughout the DreamWorks Animation universe

Blast past your friends in exhilarating head-to-head multiplayer races