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Advanced Technology

The only purifying fan to clean a whole room properly.

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We design our purifying fans to go beyond test chamber conditions and focus on real home conditions — this is more than just having an efficient filter. 1 Dyson engineers and research concluded that to clean an entire room properly, you need to sense pollution events automatically; capture ultrafine pollutants; and project cleaner air around the room using Air Multiplier technology. Only the Dyson purifying fan is designed and tested to do all of this. 2


Automatically senses and reports air quality levels on the LCD display on the purifier, including ultrafine particles (PM2.5), allergens (PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).


Sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters capture pollutants.


Air Multiplier technology delivers smooth, yet powerful airflow throughout the whole room. Up to 350 degrees of oscillation.

Dual Functionality

Two airflow modes provide Purifier + Fan functionality. Forward airflow mode purifies while cooling you as a fan. Backward airflow mode purifies without cooling you.

Night-Time Mode

Over 70% of people surveyed felt better rested from using a Dyson Purifier. 3