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Eight Legged Freaks [WS] [DVD] [2002]

Release Date:11/03/2009
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Giant-size spiders have returned to the screen in Eight Legged Freaks and now are making their present known on this DVD. Overall, this homage to the monster flicks of the 1950s, is a fun but rather insignificant film, but a fine DVD. Image quality is perfect. The 2.35:1 anamorphic picture is strong in every respect. Colors are translated as good as a new theatrical print while the darker scenes show no signs of artifacts or breakdown. Detail is equally solid. Warner has done a fine job with this transfer. The sound, a 5.1 English Dolby Digital track, doesn't fare quite as well. The audio is presented in the front speakers, with some separation at times, but generally quite static in the middle. The surrounds are never utilized in any significant way, which seems unusual not only for the type of film it is, but for it being a relatively large budget, recent title. So much more could have been done with the auditory elements. On the other had, there are no complaints about the extra material on this disc. The main supplement would have to be a screen specific commentary from director and co-writer Ellory Elkayem, producer Dean Delvin, and costars David Arquette and Rick Overton. The mood on this track is light, as all the participants join in and have a good time recalling their experiences. Also included is just over 13 minutes of deleted scenes and an alternate ending, none of which would have added to the film, but are a nice inclusion here. A real plus with this disc is Elkayem's clever short film, Larger Than Life, his tribute to B grade bug movies, that got him the job for this film. Finally, along with a text essay on the history of mutant bugs in movies, are a few filmographies, some DVD ROM content and the theatrical trailer. Though it's safe to say this film will win any awards, if you like your horror and humor mixed together (along with a fine DVD), you really couldn't go wrong here.


8 additional scenes of spiders in action

Creepy crawly giants essay

DVD-ROM features

Elkayems award winning short film "Larger than Life"

English and French languages

English, French and Spanish subtitles

Feature length commentary by David Arquette and Rick Overton, director/co-writer Ellory Elkayem and producer Dean Devlin

Interactive menus

Scene access

Star/director/writers film highlights

Theatrical trailer