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  1. Swagtron - Swagskate Electric Skateboard w/ 6 mi Max Operating Range & 9.3 mph Max Speed - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: 63863-2 NG-3
    SKU: 6410615
    Your price for this item is $139.99
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Buying an electric skateboard.

Electric skateboard: What you should know about range.

If you never go uphill, you probably don't need an electric skateboard. A motorized skateboard doesn't give you much advantage when you’re cruising flat or sloping surfaces. Because riding downhill eventually leads to going uphill, an electric skateboard is an efficient way to minimize your time spent and energy used pushing it up hills. Selecting the best electronic skateboard for you means considering range, speed, capacity, wheel size, weight, whether you want a remote control and, of course, price. How far you intend to travel on your electric skateboard can be a very important factor. Will you be using your board to commute? The last thing you want to do is wind up out of battery and carrying your skateboard — which is also a good reason to pay attention to how much the board you choose weighs. Each description here at Best Buy details the range per fully charged battery of each electronic skateboard. Some boards also come with a spare battery you can take along and swap in when you need it.

Will you be doing any speed boarding or cruising, as opposed to street-style boarding using ramps and pipes? If so, you may want to select an electric longboard, which is basically an electric skateboard that’s designed for turning and cruising at higher speeds. How fast do you want to be able to go? You’ll find various maximum speeds here. Though you should check your local laws and regulations because electric skateboard speeds are restricted in some areas. You’ll also want to consider the board’s weight capacity to be sure it can handle you. Wheel size can be important, especially if you’re considering an off-road electronic skateboard. Larger wheels provide better performance on other terrains and tend to give a smoother ride on city surfaces. A remote control may come in handy for navigation around town: acceleration, deceleration and switching through different riding modes. As far as price, electric skateboards are available at many price points, so you can pick one that meets your budget. You may also want to allocate a little extra dough for a Bluetooth tracker, if you’re concerned about being able to facilitate recovery in the event of theft.


Electric skateboards: Less effort, more fun.

Even if you’re the most adept boarder, and even if you’re riding the best electric skateboard, it’s a good idea to wear appropriate safety gear. Your board combines power and speed, and accidents are always unexpected. Along with safety gear, helmet, and possibly kneepads, elbow pads or gloves, you may want to make a sport watch part of your essential skateboard outfit. That way, you can easily keep an eye on the time so you don't miss your next battery recharge, and you can keep in touch with friends and relatives via email or instant message. With some sport watches, you have access to GPS coordinates in order to stay oriented. Additionally, some let you listen to audio with wireless headphones, which you may want if you’re riding an electric skateboard in an empty parking lot or skate park.

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