Black Friday 2017

Black Friday

Black Friday Sales Arrive Soon

Black Friday 2017 Is Almost Here

Black Friday 2017 is fast approaching on November 24th. Get the date on your calendar and let the preparations for sale shopping begin. The day after Thanksgiving sale, better known as Black Friday, is the shopping event that has become a holiday tradition for many. An exciting time when families join forces and friends team up to conquer the sale and take advantage of the best Black Friday deals, sensational doorbusters and deep-discount tech deals. Some of these deal-shopping marathons are so memorable, they achieve legendary status when rehashed around the family table during holiday get-togethers. It's the day that kick-starts holiday and Christmas shopping across the U.S.

One thing you'll want to note is that Black Friday is essentially a Thanksgiving sale too, because you can get in on big-time bargains both in store and online beginning on Thanksgiving. And no need to stress if your holiday plans make it a challenge to shop the Black Friday sale. You'll still be able to get great deals during our other big sales like Cyber Monday 2017 and Green Monday.

Are the Best Black Friday Deals Available Online or In Store?

The answer is "yes" to both. The decision is yours. For many shoppers, half the fun of Black Friday shopping is the thrill of a bustling store, the satisfaction of a cart full of incredible bargains, and sharing the excitement with family and friends. For others, who would prefer to shop from home using their computer or mobile device, the online deals don't disappoint. Are some deals only available in the store? Yes… but most deals are available both in store and online.

Your Black Friday Strategy

While it's possible to luck into a Black Friday bargain so good that just thinking about it makes your heart beat faster, a better way to guarantee success during Black Friday 2017 is by developing a shopping strategy. It is always a good idea to do some pre-planning for the event. To get all the Black Friday deal notifications, you can sign up for Best Buy emails, follow Best Buy on social media, and install the simple-to-use Best Buy mobile app on your smartphone. Check out the Best Buy preview ad in advance, and even visit your local store, scoping things out a few days ahead of time, so you know where the electronics deals you want are located.

Then make a detailed list of the items you want, and who you want them for… yourself, friends and family on your Christmas list, coworkers, everyone on your "nice list." Remember to evaluate deals that go beyond holiday shopping… for upcoming special events and birthdays, for instance. Check out the informational resources on the site, read the customer reviews you'll find on each product page, and maybe even check out the new technology available so you can factor in the latest and greatest innovations. Also, browse the top tech gifts to see what electronics are hot this holiday season, and consider tech help ideas to be sure you're getting the most out of each product.

No doubt about it, Black Friday can be crazy. But you can take some of the crazy out of it by following your plan. Or avoid the stress completely by shopping online.

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